Lombardy, Italy - Furniture Maker
Nature, tradition, and design are the core of Biosofa: a company founded by Davide Barzaghi, with offices in Monza and Brianza. It is the only manufacturer in Europe to produce 100% natural and plastic-free contemporary sofas. All products are handmade in the local area, close to Milan and each creation is made individually, free of toxins and plastic. Biosofa represents the perfect combination of design, Italian manufacturing tradition and respect for the environment and for our planet.

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Goodness is the investment that never fails. What’s the use of a fine house if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on? Biosofa


Biosofa is the story of a typical Italian family enterprise that drew on its own transgenerational legacy in furniture-making to produce sofas with entirely natural materials in a world with a dire need of sustainable products. The biosofa ticks all the boxes when it comes to satisfying an eco-friendly and conscious clientele: a 100% natural product that is ultra-comfortable, resistant to heavy use, easy to clean and care for thanks to removable covers, all of this wrapped up in the shape of great Italian designs! Biosofa aims to make its luxury handcrafted natural sofas as affordable as they can be by selling directly to green-minded consumers all over Europe. The recipe for success? A good online presence and excellent tailored-made customer service.

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Biosofa's story began in Milan at a university lesson on life cycle assessment: what if companies would take full responsibility for their products long after they are sold, in the disposal phase? A student named Davide Barzaghi clicked. It was time for him to join and transform his family furniture enterprise. His mission: create a collection of biodegradable sofas that would leave no environmental waste. A healthy sofa for our home and for our planet. Following in the footsteps of seven generations of Italian furniture makers, Davide started to investigate old production techniques and materials with his father Danilo and his grandfather Aimo. At the same time, he met inventors to discuss the newest trends in eco-materials, and pulled a circle of young designers into the mission, eventually creating the first furniture collection in 2012. Highly decorated with design prices at the time, it took another eight years to perfect the production methods and round off the collection. That’s when his German wife Tine decided to officially join the company in 2019 to lead business development and give the Biosofa the place it deserves on the market.


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