Holiday Gift Guide: The Treasure Finder

Amaze your loved ones with a unique find from the most sought-after craftsmanship in Italy. These rare treasures will astonish design connoisseurs with the amazing handwork made with Murano glass, delivering stunning décor pieces with the most outstanding design, color and shape. Emark on a treasure finding quest with creations by Paolo Castelli, Micheluzzi Glass, VGnewtrend, Creart and more.

Beautiful Murano glass vases by Micheluzzi Glass and Murano Glam, sparkling vase by Casarialto Atelier, exquisite liquor glasses, decanter and decorative container by Griffe Montenapoleone by Vetrerie di Empoli, Morandi-inspired bottles by Paolo Castelli, elegant centerpiece by Serena Luxury Mosaic

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