The Love Seat

Discover our collection of sofas for two, also known as love seats! Created with high quality materials by some of the best Italian artisans, these love seats will add a touch of elegance to your space. Upholstered with beautiful printed and plain textiles, these stunning love seats are the perfect seating addition for your entrance or living room interiors.

The Love Seat, symbol of luxury and sophistication, made its first appearance around the end of 1600s, but not with the intent we all imagine: welcoming couples who want to carve out a quiet corner for conversation. Rather, this curious type of sofa was designed with the intention of giving women a place to sit and smooth out their wide, pompous dresses, typical of seventeenth-century fashion. Over time, during the Reign of Louis XV, with the evolution of aesthetic and fashion standards, the name “love seat” began to be more widespread and described a small, refined sofa for seating courting couples.

Nowadays, love seat has evolved in a thousand ways, taking on different shapes and characteristics based on style and needs. It is an extremely versatile piece of furniture, perfect for decorating small living rooms or areas dedicated to hospitality. If well matched, this “sofa for two” can give a real touch of class to the environment and feature it, thanks to its elegance. Discover our curated selection and explore the different kinds of love seat such as the most eclectic and colorful by ​Exteta, the elegant velvet solutions by ​Paolo Castelli, the classic style pieces by ​Salda, the clean, refined pieces by ​Livoni and sophisticated seatings by ​Black Tie.

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