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Discover Grade New York, an international excellence in the world of interior design and architecture; founded on the vision of Edward Yedid and Thomas Hickey of integrating the two disciplines to create incredibly stunning and cohesive projects with a profound love for contemporary beauty in living spaces.

Founded in 2001 by partners Thomas Hickey and Edward Yedid, Grade New York is an interior design and architecture firm specializing in luxury residences and projects with a holistic approach, looking for the all-around experience of the client. Thomas and Edward run their studio with a profound love and passion for everything beautiful, curating every detail from furniture sourcing to decoration and art curation.

With projects located in New York and the surrounding area, Grade takes on the task of designing and building stunning modern homes for modern demands, fitting livable spaces and home offices by thoroughly researching the needs of every clients and following classic design principles and the current global perspective. Bright rooms, light colors with dark accents, perfect coffee table styling and the right addition of art and decor tie every space together, creating relaxing atmospheres in the urban frenzy.

Read our interview with the founders and discover all about their favorite pieces of design, their work philosophy and their take on modern craftsmanship.

​What does ‘made in Italy’ mean to you?

"Made in Italy” means heritage, pride and a level of understanding that one cannot just learn. Italy is the matriarch of design and style—these are embedded in their culture and reflected in the engineering, detailing and craftsmanship—which is why we have partnered with a factory outside of Venice for custom-designed furniture and millwork. 

Who/what has inspired the most your work and style?

Traveling the world is our greatest source of inspiration. We are continuously in search of understated elegance found in art, furniture, fashion and architecture. Exposure to different cultures always expands our perspective on design, and we infuse these influences into the luxurious projects we design for our clients. 

​Describe your design approach and philosophy.

Our approach is holistic and collaborative in that architecture and interior design must work together seamlessly. We always begin by selecting references—whether from historical precents, lifestyle imagery or art. Our work is grounded in and influenced by these points of view, which we then elaborate on and translate to make our own and to serve our project. 

Craftsmanship is critical to the execution of design, and it is the custom details and finishes that set our projects apart. Our talented craftsman contribute not only their skill but also lend their expertise to the process of turning an idea into an exceptional reality. They are an essential part of our success. Without craftsmanship, designs are merely unrealized dreams.

​What is the one design you cannot imagine your clients (or yourself) living without

Edward: Beautifully crafted millwork. It becomes part of the architecture and serves as a backdrop that sets the tone for our curated spaces.

Thomas: Atmosphere. We can design the best spaces with the most luxurious materials and details but without atmosphere there is no soul. 

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