Hotellerie de Mascognaz

Seven intimate and luxurious chalets beautifully decorated located in a historic village close to Champoluc in Val D'Aosta. Hotellerie de Mascognaz is one of the best places to experience a luxurious stay immersed in the traditional Alpine atmosphere.

A cosy corner with velvet and wool cushions and a warm blanket in white fur.
An area of The Pejo Restaurant, where guests can dine suspended in a warm outdoor structure in wood and glass immersed in the beautiful surroundings.

Located at 1833 meters above sea level, in the tiny mountain village of Walsner of Mascognaz, close to the ski resort of Champoluc - Hotellerie de Mascognaz is a true paradise in the heart of the Alps. Hotellerie De Macognaz is a perfect example of an 'albergo diffuso', a new concept of hospitality, where guests rooms are distributed in different buildings within the same historic village. No doubt the hotel is part of the Alpine Luxury Chalets network that selects the best luxury chalets in the finest ski resorts worldwide.

The elegant living area of one of the Walsner Chalet rooms - the space is characterized by original Alpine features: wooden walls, floors and ceilings with exposed beams.
View of a striking bedroom of the Walsner Chalet - the room is characterized by the use of woos and traditional stone as well as cowhide leather on the bed's headboard and bedside rug.

The magic stay at Hotellerie de Mascognaz starts with a ten minutes journey up a mountain path surrounded by a wood of pines on one of the hotels off-road vehicles: either a large Jeep or snowmobiles.

Once at Mascognaz a sense of peace overwhelms guests. The hotel, used to be a small hamlet dating back to the 14th century, and today it consists of seven traditional alpine chalets in wood and stone– true jewels surrounded by wilderness and by nature of the mountains of Val D’Aosta.

Hotellerie De Mascognaz eight chalet under the snow facing the stunning valley.
The welcoming seating area of Hotellerie De Mascognaz main building - here guests can enjoy moments of relax on the side of the traditional fireplace.
View of a romantic bedroom of Lo Miete Chalet featuring wood paneling, hand crafted wood furniture and hand painted walls.

Each chalet is characterized by a unique style, a mixture of historic and contemporary furniture and decorative objects - in perfect harmony with the surrounding natural environment thanks to the traditional alpine features.

Seven chalets host 23 rooms and one main building hosts common areas: a cozy sitting room with a charming fireplace and two restaurants: The Pejo Restaurant and Lo Miete Restaurant where delicatessens of the traditional cuisine are served.

The splendid Lo Miete Restaurant in the hotel's main building.
Hotellerie De Mascognaz bar area.

​Hotellerie De Mascognaz

Tel: +39​ 338 7295708

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