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Explore Dimora del Pozzo and Dimora dell' Olivastro, two incredible mansions located on the stunning Sicilian island of Favignana. Two perfect spots to experience the rugged coastline and the slow island life.

A few kilometers away from the serene Trapani coast on the Aegadian archipelago, lies Favignana: a small butterfly-shaped island embedded in the most attractive sea. Dotted with creeks and lined with turquoise waters, this Sicilian island has long been an intriguing choice for many tourists around the world. Here, one can experience the pleasure of slow living and enjoy a relaxing retreat away from the urban chaos.

Located on this island are two of the most beautiful boutique hotels as they dazzle in the perfect Mediterranean style: Dimora Cala Del Pozzo and Dimora dell' Olivastro. The owners, Fabio Tagliavia, and Ginevra La Cavera decided to bring life into these ancient residences, through their warm hospitality and emphasis on its origins and surroundings.

The beach boutique hotel ​Dimora dell’Olivastro is a surreal estate evoking the scents and colors of the sea. The dense vegetation culminates in a series of steps leading to the entrance of the hotel. The living room displays warm orange hues alternating with the pure white. Once you step in, you find cozy furniture, a library and airy white linen curtains.

Dimora dell’Olivastro houses six exclusive rooms named after exotic local plants, which are a satisfying mix of ethnic and contemporary styles. The Fico I’India suite gets its name from the prickly pear, found scattered throughout the hotel, is a particularly charming accommodation. Equipped with a large plunge pool, and an open bathtub that sits like a piece of furniture, guests can spend hours on the sun beds in the shade of the olive trees.

When the sun begins to set, Dimora dell’ Olivastro turns magical! With candles and soft lighting in the porch with the moonlight glistening overhead, the aromas of Sicilian wine and cuisine fills the air. With genuine hospitality Dimora dell’ Olivastro is a place for those seeking tranquility and intimacy.

 As you open the window, you see the sunshine bright upon the island of Favignana, the rocks diving into a deep blue sea. And you will feel a fragrant breeze tickle your mind.

Recently inaugurated ​Dimora Cala Del Pozzo is a humble counterpart, of Dimora del’Olivastro. Located north-west of the island, Dimora Cala Del Pozzo is a renovated ancient "mannara" from the 1800s that served as a farmhouse with a courtyard where one of the island’s first agricultural activity started. The estate has been through a conservative restoration project, preserving minute details from the original structure as well as its magical atmosphere. The extraordinary restoration also maintains the original vegetation such as the Mediterranean shrub, agaves, low palm trees, prickly pears, and olive trees.

Cozy seating vintage wooden coffee welcomes guests table into living room of Dimora Cala Del Pozzo to relax and sip some cold wine. The estate houses 8 suites, named after exotic flowers, and have a specific décor diverse from one another. Characterized by a chic and Mediterranean style, the suites are a result of careful research of unique and precious pieces carried out between Sicily and L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue.

L’Erica is a suite with one of the most beautiful views extending over a horizon of the sea with the silhouettes of the island. Large windows and subdued colors are mindfully chosen as a part of the décor, for the guests to entirely enjoy the vivid colors of the sunset as if it were a painting. The free-standing bathtub against the wooden mirror is placed like a fine piece of décor.

At Dimora Cala Del Pozzo you will also find a wine cellar and tranquil dining room offering freshly baked cakes, bread, and organic products from their own farm. Dimora Cala Del Pozzo promises a small-town life in a charming location in harmony with the surrounding environment. 

​Dimora dell'Olivastro

Via Seppi Torrente, 3, 91023, Favignana, Italy

Dimora Cala Del Pozzo

C.da Pozzo Vecchio, 91023, Favignana, Italy

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