Absence is Presence

Study O Portable for Gallery Fumi: behind the Fuzz Slice Tables

​Text by Valentina Raggi

Emptiness seems to be the primary subject of the fascinating Fuzz Slice Tables, a series designed by the London based firm ​Study O Portable for ​Gallery Fumi launched at Design Days Dubai.

Fuzz Side Table Detail - Photo Courtesy of Gallery FUMI

Archaic and futuristic, the table is a basic piece of furniture translated into art. The idea for the tables came from a tool used during their production. A mineral composite was brushed in layers, a shape made of wax and other materials, and then cut open to show the three-dimensional and organic roughness at the center of the piece: a hole. The void turns into something concrete.

FuzzKO - Photo Courtesy of Gallery FUMI
Fuzz Side Table: consisting of 120 layers and weighing about 90kg, it's 45cm high and approx 36cm wide - Courtesy of Gallery FUMI

The founders of ​Study O Port​able, Dutch designer Bernadette Deddens and Japanese designer Tetsuo Mukai, are known for their speculative approach intended to research what can be applied to ordinary objects. «Fuzz series is made using a very intensive labor process and started with objects on a rather small scale such as bangles and bowls to slowly evolve into furniture pieces» the couple explains. The ordinary is in fact extraordinary.

London based Study O Portable - Photo Courtesy of Roberta Schmidt
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