New Arrivals

Milan Design Week 2022

Discover our selection of new arrivals for Milan Design Week 2022: from furniture to lighting and décor, have a first look at the latest addition to the world of luxury Italian design.

Discover a selection of new arrivals released in occasion of Milan Design Week 2022. Explore organic sculptures by ​ROU Materiaal, colorful stone and glass vases by ​Coki, playful hand-knotted rugs by ​Illulian, home fitness accessories by ​Fas Pendezza, paper clay mirrors by ​Giovanni Botticelli and ​Paola Paronetto, minimal pendant lamps by ​Aggiolight, contemporary furniture by ​Officine Tamborrino, wallpaper inspired by Piranesi's artwork by ​Officinarkitettura, modern design pieces by ​Monica Gasperini and innovative multifunctional furniture by ​Elli.

New Collections


Established in 1959, Illulian is a well-established luxury design brand renowned internationally for its commitment to craftsmanship. Currently, under the direction of Davis and Bendis Ronchetti Illulian, this family-run company creates works of art with a distinct heirloom quality. Their prestigious showroom, located in the heart of Milan’s fashionable “quadrilatero” district, has unique modern objects and examples of the in-house design studio pieces on display, rendered in full detail and customizable thanks to Ilullian’s team of skilled artisans.

​Fas Pendezza

Established in 1964 by Alfonso and Davide Pendezza, Fas Pendezza is a manufacturing company located in Villa d’Ogna (Bergamo) specialized in-game tables and accessories. Marked by a distinctive style and outstanding craftsmanship, each production step is carefully followed down to the smallest detail to ensure excellence, from the choice of sustainable materials and non-toxic finishes to periodic quality inspections. The leading label in gaming-rooms worldwide and the most important international competitions, FAS Pendezza exports to 40 countries worldwide.


Coki Barbieri established her eponymous studio-workshop in Rimini in 2017, bringing to life a sustainable way of conceiving home design. Nature inspires her pleasant and environmentally conscious creations, which are imbued with emotional energy while maintaining their aesthetic impact and practical functionality. Coki collaborates with talented designers to produce one-of-a-kind homeware objects capable of unlocking new synergies between concepts, materials, and use.


Alessio Elli is a designer and artist with a passion for glass and its many creative opportunities. After studying traditional techniques, Elli explored the digital direct printing technique, thanks to which he has developed his own unique and modern style. His pieces are characterized by a distinctive balance of shapes, light, and transparency and give natural accents to the environment they are placed in. Elli’s works have been shown in Italy and the United States.

​Giovanni Botticelli

Giovanni Botticelli is a product designer and teacher at the IED Institute, where he graduated in 2009 after studying Product Design. His time at ENSA Limoges and Abate Zanetti Murano refined his design aesthetic, emerging from a meticulous exploration of the delicate and calibrated relationship between light, color, and shape. 

Discover Reflections, the new paper clay mirrors handcrafted by Giovanni Botticelli in collaboration with ​Paola Paronetto


Established in 2010, this brand manufactures unique, tailor-made luxury lighting fixtures. Combining the expertise of masterful craftsmen with innovative and ambitious designs, Aggiolight creates bespoke chandeliers that are veritable masterpieces with a distinctive neo-classic allure. Mixing innovative materials with traditional methods and crafting each object with an entirely in-house production process,this brand conveys the inestimable value of the Italian luxury heritage.

​ROU Materiaal

Based in Ravenna, ROU Materiaal is a furniture firm established in 2013 by Marzia De Lorenzi and Monica Cortesi, artists who share a strong passion for art, design, and the city of Paris. The firm’s name derives from Afrikaans meaning “raw material”, highlighting the brand’s distinctive style that connects "primitive" materials to a deep study of contemporary shapes and textures using resins, acrylics, stucco, and cement. Their sculpture-tables and hand-painted fabrics are manufactured in Italy from salvaged woods of century-old trees that find new life in a modern home.


Founded by Andrea Bernagozzi and Giorgio Buratti, Officinarkitettura is a new brand that designs wallcoverings customized to any surface and interior, from homes and public spaces to offices, hotels, and yachts. Based in an ancient oratory in Pieve di Cento (Bologna), the brand is led by a young team of illustrators, painters, stylists, graphic designers, and artists who breathe life into their timeless creations, drawing inspiration from the art, architecture, travel, and nature.

​Officine Tamborrino

Inside the Tamborrino workshop, a unique aesthetic and design sensibility are expressed, taking inspiration from the simplicity and linearity that has characterized Italian design since the 50s. Their signature use of steel to create delicate furniture brings solidity, stability and lightness to interior design. Since their first laboratory opened in 1957, the company has expanded, mixing elements of industrial architecture with fine home décor creating distinctive collections praised for their dynamic and innovative ways of designing and manufacturing metal objects.