Mediterranean Style by Fausta Gaetani

Fausta Gaetani's ability to find a stylish meeting point between the strong local culture of the traditional Mediterranean style and a contemporary design is the factor of success of her two recent projects: the beautiful Fausta Gaetani ceramic plates and the six new suites she designed for Il San Pietro di Positano Hotel.

With a background in interior design, Italian craftsmanship has always played a central role in the vision of Fausta Gaetani. She designs beautiful furniture and home decor pieces for luxurious homes and five-star hotels in Italy and abroad. Among the recent projects of the talented interior designer we find the exquisitely designed six new suites of the magnificent Relais & Chateaux 'Il San Pietro di Positano Hotel'. In this project, as in her ceramic plates collection, Fausta Gaetani attempts to create a bridge between the memories of a strong local culture of the traditional Mediterranean style and contemporary design, by reinterpreting the classic charms of Italy's Amalfi coast and working closely with talented craftsmen of the area.

Historic 5-star de luxe hotel on the Amalfi Coast, Il San Pietro is a symbol in Positano, founded in 1970, has long been a hideout for sophisticated vacationers who have enjoyed its lush gardens, Michelin-starred restaurant and breathtaking views.

For the San Pietro suites, Fausta Gaetani worked with traditional local artisans to create a modern take on Mediterranean style, with bright whites, seaside-inspired turquoise, and sunny shades of gold, yellow, and lime green. The airy, light-filled suites, each with its own private balcony, mix new furniture designed by Fausta Gaetani herself with antique pieces selected from the family’s collections.

Room with a view at Il San Pietro Hotel in Positano

This natural evolution of Fausta Gaetani to interior design brought her to the launch of her recent collection of fine handcrafted ceramic plates inspired by the alluring locations of the Amalfi coast and made by master craftsmen in Campania with glazing patterns inspired by the ancient traditions of Neapolitan ceramics.

In my work Craftsmanship is vital. Craftsmanship is the language of my works, they communicate through the work of artisans, the materials used and through the hand-painted combination of shapes and colors.

Interiors of Il San Pietro Hotel in Positano

What has inspires your work and style?

My work and style is inspired by my surroundings, anything that is around me and that strikes my interest at home and anything that strikes my fantasy when I travel, mixed with the rich culture of the Italy's Classic decorative arts.

Tell us about your ceramic plates and what makes them special?

My plates are the expression of my passion for Italian craftsmanship. During the past years spent in the South of Italy, I have been working with ceramist to develop the interiors of houses and hotels. I was very impressed by their ability to admirably preserve the old tradition of hand painting ceramic. I was dreaming to transfer the emotions of the beauty of the old tiles and the excellent combination of colors and patterns. Fausta Gaetani Design ceramic plates are characterized by bright color and earth tones glazes applied using technique inspired by the ancient traditions of Neapolitan ceramics and are hand crafted by master craftsmen in Campania.

What is the one design/decor you cannot imagine yourself living without?

The one thing I cannot imagine myself living without is a huge bathroom in white Carrara marble.

Interiors of Il San Pietro Hotel in Positano
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