In Fabbrica: Silversmith Pampaloni Transforms his Florentine Workshop into a Fine Restaurant

Explore how three evenings a week, Pampaloni transforms his Florentine silver workshop into an extraordinary restaurant where guests can enjoy a special dinner surrounded by Pampaloni's sterling silver candelabras, cutlery and more.

When at 7pm the working day is over and the silversmiths ​store their hammers for the day after, ​Pampaloni's workshop turns into an unexpected and charming restaurant with a Wes Anderson's movie atmosphere. Three days a week, from Thursday to Saturday, what is Pampaloni's artisans lunch room during the day becomes a charming restaurant open to all those people who want to experience what the pleasure of using and not just of possessing beautiful and precious objects means.

​The factory lunch room still has green tiles on the wall and humble flooring. On the ceiling is a hammer and sickle, outlined in lights. More light comes from wall sconces and from the candles of the precious sterling silver candelabras on the tables. These elements recall the French and Soviet imperial styles.

The large work tables are set with Pampaloni's  “Due Sicilie” cutlery. Noble and sacred heads, created by artists, hang with hunting trophies on the wall. Silver workers-waiters in military dress, or in work overalls with white gloves, transform into imperial workers. A few special silver objects are enough to transform this simple environment into an extraordinary place.

The menu originates from the combination of different experiences: the silversmith-cooker who prepared dishes for people in earthquake rescue fields, together with the Japanese chef deeply involved with the finest Oriental food tradition.

'In Fabbrica' restaurant represents a way of meaning Luxury not as an expensive status-symbol but as an interesting opportunity to help to live better; a place for authentic and interesting people with an elegant yet extravagant appeal.

In FabbricaRestaurant 

Via del Gelsomino, 99, 50125 Florence

Tel. +39 347 5145468

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