Elegance meets Eclecticism: Secolo

Discover Secolo a furniture design brand where traditional taste meets unorthodox twists. A combination of Italian elegance and English eclecticism provides the basis of Secolo's iconic pieces, each with their own playful characteristics and interesting forms.

Born in 2018, ​S​ecolo​ rose from a desire to create distinctive pieces with contemporary and unorthodox twists. The Anglo/Italian trio, Lorenzo Scisciani, Salvatore Morales and Sacha Andraosi of ​Artefatto Design Studio are the Artistic Directors of Secolo bringing in elements of refreshing simplicity, distinctive purity, and disciplined experimentation. A close relationship with Italian artisans continues to give the trio the opportunity to explore new techniques and manufacturing possibilities, using the experience of artisans to fuel designs. Focusing on quality materials, Secolo's collection is an immersive combination of unseen forms, luxury materials, and refined finishes.

What’s in the core of your designs?

Our aim from day one was to create iconic pieces, each with their own playful characteristics and interesting forms. The difficulty in this lies in the balance between being eye-catching and unusual while remaining timeless and elegant. This is where we sit, we strive to create furniture and accessories that meet traditional tastes but with surprising and unorthodox twists.

Tell us about the brand and where did the inspiration come from?

The brand was created to offer something different, something between the overproduced chairs and sofas that seem to be flooding the market, and the one-off, extremely wacky (and of course beautiful) pieces that sit more in the art realm than the design world and have a price tag to match. SECOLO offers the sculptural, eye-catching and experimental pieces but without the mark up of an art piece.

Most of us come from a background in architecture or interior design. Meaning however big, hairy or multi-colored the dream may be, we always manage to translate it into something useable and relatable, something that will work in a number of interiors and for a long time without going out of fashion.

Do you believe in following rules when it comes to design, and if so, what are these rules in your designs?

As far as we see it any rules within the design are only temporary. They last only until someone comes along with a great idea and completely changes the game. It’s our responsibility as designers to constantly be trying to change the rules and put wild visions into practice. That’s what makes the design scene really exciting.

We don’t have rules within our design so to speak but we do have a vision and a clear direction. As long as new ideas can fit into this vision then anything goes and nothing is off the table. 

What would be your dream project to work on?

We’ve been dreaming of taking a Masseria in Puglia or an old Cascina in Tuscany, something almost derelict but with lots of natural beauty and history, and turning it into something contemporary and stylish but of course keeping all the emotion and charm of the original space. The colors, textures, and ambiance of old architecture; eroded rock, sun dyed paint and cracked walls, for example, things that can only be created by time (and are impossible to replicate) are a wonderful contrast to highly polished and well-finished pieces that are made in only a few days. It’s that mixture of old and new that really excites us.

What are you working on at the moment, and what are your creative plans for the future?

Following on from an exhibition at Contemporary Cluster in Rome and a joint showroom in the Design Centre in London, this Salone Del Mobile in Milan, we will be launching some brand new pieces in an exhibition created by our artistic directors Artefatto Design Studio, also from London. We can’t give too much away but they have described it as an immersive exploration of new forms, refined finishes, and undiscovered gems.

We’re still young so our plan for the near future is to stay focused on creating interesting and iconic pieces. We will be releasing new pieces all year round so stay tuned.  

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