Innovative Glass Mosaics: Mutaforma's Decorative Panels

Discover the avant-garde nanotechnology used by Mutaforma, the Italian brand based in Milan that works with augmented materials to create stunning decorative objects and panels. The incredible 'picotessera' TILLA® in glass, created by Mutaforma, can be manipulated to produce endless designs and shapes.

Your creations utilize an innovative nanotechnology that enhances the look of glass to create truly unique mosaics. Please tell us more about this process.

Mutaforma is a brand that works in the field of augmented materials using nanotechnology, specifically with glass. Nanometric particles with specific physical and chemical features get deposited on the vitreous glass matrix at the molecular level, changing the optical properties and visual aesthetic of the glass. The material’s versatility and ability to form endless combinations with other materials are achieved through an innovative technological process applied to microscopic units of glass [1,5 × 1,5 × 1 mm]. TILLA® is the smallest square picotessera in the world, made possible by the brand's proprietary technology. Mutaforma’s material is more than a vitreous paste; it is a new, stratified, composite and smart material with a natural tendency to merge and graft with other materials to enhances the experience and visual interaction.

How does a Mutaforma piece come to life? Tell us about the philosophy that underpins the designs you create.

At the core of the Mutaforma philosophy is a desire to express multidimensional and well-articulated identity. Through a technical yet "poetic" approach to the material, the goal is to create deep harmony with the surrounding worlds of architecture, design, and fashion. As Mutaforma mission statement reads: "The materials of our life represent something more than their practical function: they are our second skin". Each Mutaforma product is created to tell a story, to be privy to an authentic, lived experience and preserve its memory.

The brand is a perfect union of technology and craftsmanship - in what ways is the “handmade” tradition important for you?

Each Mutaforma piece is the utmost representation of the harmonious balance between the research of technological innovation and the uniqueness of the artisan approach. The "design process" at the root of every project guarantee an unparalleled value, from offering a careful evaluation and custom artistic reworking tailored to the customer to conducting regular manual quality checks at every step of the product's execution. The precious tailoring that distinguishes the design stages from the production process of each Mutaforma product arises from a harmonious collaboration of skills, expertise, and professionalism coming together to offer a high-end project entirely "Made in Italy".

Mutaforma has undertaken important collaborations with various Italian designers: what are your plans for the future?

The infinite potential of Mutaforma allows for endless design experimentation opportunities: there are no limits to our creativity, as the Mutaforma surface can be used to define constantly evolving shapes, dimensions and colors. Mutaforma is a world of open variability, constantly in a state of dynamic being with a forward trajectory towards the future. The intersectionality of Mutaforma allows the brand to become a privileged tool at the service of both the artistic calling of designers and creatives, but also the material which lends itself to shaping experiences and capturing the emotional and sensorial dimensions of the beholder. It is for this reason that Mutaforma is deeply attentive and receptive to new inputs and connections in the surrounding world, placing great trust in the potential that collaborations and interactions with artisans can bring, in particular those that can offer a transversal approach to decoration and propose a unique interpretation of our material. As for future projects, Mutaforma will to continue to expand on re-elaborate the traditional "mosaic" in glass through new design projects and challenges.

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