Ode To Wood: Bottega Ghianda

Based around Lake Como, an area near Milan famous for its manufacturing expertise, Bottega Ghianda is a historical workshop specialized in superb woodworking. Today the firm is owned by Romeo Sozzi and, under his guidance Bottega Ghianda creates stunning products that represent Italian excellence.

Bottega Ghianda is a historic cabinetmaking brand. Tell us your story.

Over two centuries Bottega Ghianda has established itself as an Italian leader in the art of cabinetmaking. This fine woodworking workshop was founded by Iginio Ghianda in 1889. In the ‘30s, the workshop was inherited by the son of the founder, Pierluigi Ghianda, who started important collaborations with architects such as Emilio Lancia and Gio Ponti. Furthermore, Bottega Ghianda has initiated partnerships with prestigious designers such as Aulenti, Boeri, Castiglioni, Barokas, Magistretti, Cibic, Zanuso, Gray, Pomodoro, Mangiarotti, Bill, Noorda, Frattini, Thun, Bellini, Plečnik, Zanini, Dumas, Tovaglia, Sapper, Sottsass, Vignelli, Von Klier, Magnusson, and more.

In 2015, the designer Romeo Sozzi, who founded Promemoria and has a passion for cabinetmaking took over Bottega Ghianda, along with his three sons, Stefano, Davide, and Paolo, and decided to grow this brand while also maintaining its tradition.

What are the representative elements of Bottega Ghianda's style?

Bottega Ghianda's most representative element is undoubtedly wood. Both small and large objects boast the nuances and grains of the different types used: maple, pear, beech, walnut and ebony. These cult pieces and collectibles are designed by Gae Aulenti, Livio and Piero Castiglioni, Grianfranco Frattini, Cini Boeri, Michele De Lucchi, Mario Bellini, Carl and Emanuela Frattini Magnusson, Pino Tovaglia, Tobia Scarpa, Jean Nouvel and Naoto Fukasawa. Each work is crafted by hand like a jewel, and is a passionate ode to wood and to its essential architectonic shapes, as a link between past and future.

What is Bottega Ghianda's vision?

We want to keep alive the virtuosity and skills of artisanal work, while also giving it a current and unique perspective in today's world. We want to create products that combine tradition and new ideas, design and craftsmanship, in a valuable new endeavor.

Bottega Ghianda collaborates with important Italian and international designers. What are your next projects?

Romeo Sozzi has named Michele De Lucchi the new artistic director of the brand. In 2018, the two have engaged notable contemporary designers and architects Mario Bellini, Tobia Scarpa, Jean Nouvel and Naoto Fukasawa. We are very excited by, but cannot yet reveal, the next collaborations and future projects!

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