The Art of Woodworking by Promemoria

Founded in the 80s in a village near the lake of Como, Promemoria is a superb expression of exclusive furniture designed by Romeo Sozzi, visionary designer who never leaves home without his notebook. Discover the fascinating story behind this firm that made wood its key element.

What is Promemoria's brand philosophy?

The name reflects a specific calling: to preserve a legacy of talents and skills rather than letting them fade into oblivion. ​Promemoria’s mission statement is “to remember the past in order to improve the future”. These handcrafting traditions, use of noble materials, and constant research are values that have always and still do distinguish our products. In all Promemoria pieces, meticulous attention to detail merges with exclusive materials, such as woods - from the domestic Tuscan cypress to the exotic sucupira or the ebony - and natural fibers, such as silk, linen and cashmere. Bronze and copper have a special place in our collections, alongside delicate details in Murano glass or leather upholstery. Often custom made and limited edition, each piece is made exclusively by hand and always with rigorous scrutiny to verify the level of excellence.

Romeo Sozzi is the founder and designer: in what way are his personality and his values reflected in his creations?

Romeo Sozzi draws inspiration from all that surrounds him: he never leaves home without his notebook, bringing it all over the world to take note of anything and anywhere he may find inspiration from. Usually the ideas for the new collection come from light and colors: when the vision becomes clear in his mind, the Promemoria team of artisans is ready to experiment with him, building prototypes that are then studied, perfected, and eventually become part of the collections. Promemoria pieces are born from the continuous curiosity and research of materials. 

What are the most fascinating characteristics of using ebony as your primary material?

Ebony is a very valuable wood: strong, hard, and resistant. It is the quintessential cabinetmaking wood, and indeed the name of this ancient craft in Italian has etymological origins in this very wood. Its strong quality makes it hard to work with, but at the same time, intensifies the vibrancy of its finish. Although there are several varieties of ebony - some of them strictly regulated for conservation and material recovery purposes - it has always been the wood of choice for many Promemoria pieces. This holds true particularly for the Macassar variety, whose dark veining enhances and adds value to the shape of the furniture pieces, making them the highlight of even the most luxurious interiors.   

How did Romeo Sozzi first come to know woodworking? What techniques and stylistic details make Promemoria pieces unique?

Romeo Sozzi comes from a third-generation family of cabinetmakers specialized in woodworking and restoration. He made his debut in the interior decoration world in the 1970s and has since led his own company. Over time, Promemoria became not only a creative force in the international world of high-profile interior furnishings but also a benchmark for innovative projects. Their trademark rigorous simplicity - the ability to create something simple that can concurrently express the highest level of quality and attention to detail - is the fundamental principle from which Promemoria never deviates, which holds true for both its furniture pieces and interior design projects.

Tell us why the frog became the symbol of Promemoria..

It was Romeo Sozzi who chose this little animal as the company logo. It is a lucky charm that he has been collecting for years. The frog has two important meanings that encompass the philosophy of the brand: firstly, frogs live in three elements - water, earth, and air - and are capable of perfectly adapting to the different environments; and secondly, they always hop forward, never backwards.

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