Textile Wonders by Valentina Giovando

Meet Valentina Giovando, founder of her eponymous artisanal workshop in Sarzana, and discover her selection of completely handmade furnishing pieces skillfully crafted employing elegant textiles to embellish furniture surfaces, décor and lighting. Her fountain chandeliers, royal side tables and ceramic vases create a dreamy and elegant atmosphere.

Valentina Giovando is a skillful artisan operating in Sarzana, an outpost of Italian excellence and craftsmanship tradition in the Liguria region. In this vibrant and fruitful atmosphere, Valentina has been creating limited edition pieces of furniture and home décor for over two decades, establishing herself as a staple of artisanal activity in the territory.

Her unique approach to design and production employes a vast range of materials, such as brass, iron, crystals, metal sheets, and fiberglass,  ut most importantly different textiles and fabrics to decorate and embellish each unique piece evoking an alluring and personal world, putting front and foremost exceptional skills and methods. From royal chandeliers that bridge the gap between functional lighting and works of art, textured room dividers and and rich sideboards and dining table, every creation is a limited edition piece that you'd expect to find both in an ancient palace and in an avant-garde family home.

Discover in our interview on Artemest how Valentina first started in the world of craftsmanship and artisanal production, her Deco and Liberty inspirations and the eclectic essence of her pieces. 

How did you first become interested in the world of design and hand craftsmanship?

I started working with antiques at a very young age. The search for singular objects, both antique and vintage, led me to find interesting pieces that I began to revisit over time, giving them new life by transforming them using artisanal techniques. Over the years, this approach of mine developed into a real technique, unique in its kind. The ultimate evolution occurred with the shift from revisiting existing objects to developing a new concept for a piece of furniture or a chandelier as a unique object, conceived, designed and created entirely from scratch.

What serve as the main source of inspiration for your pieces?

The inspiration comes from nature and past décor styles, predominantly Deco and Liberty, both of European origin and Eastern provenance. The floral motifs - with flowers and leaves - are a recurring feature in all my creations.

How would you describe the style expressed by your creations?

My style doesn't really fit into any specific box; however, I would say that the adjective “eclectic” best captures its essence.

All your magnificent pieces are crafted entirely by hand. What is the most fascinating material you have worked with?

Textiles; fabrics and textiles are the most commonly used materials for my creations, whether it is a chandelier, a piece of furniture or furnishing accessories.

What makes your pieces unique?

My creations are unique and cannot be reproduced exactly: while it is indeed possible to create similar pieces, they will never be identical. Their singularity lies in the ability to recreate natural elements from materials that are entirely dissimilar. In fact, the materials I use are often industrial in origin, such as iron and brass in the case of chandeliers or fiberglass, nails and studs for furniture.

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