Casa Cavia, a New Concept Store in Buenos Aires

Guadalupe Garcia Mosqueda takes us into the 1920s villa and its Argentinian heritage: books, flowers, scents and great food.

by Marta Lavinia Carboni

​Casa Cavia is the new place to be in Palermo Chico, one of the nicest neighborhoods of ​Buenos Aires. A concept store with restaurant, cocktail bar, pastry shop, bookshop, flower shop, perfume shop and publishing house. The building is the villa Bollini Roca which was built in 1920 under the supervision of Norwegian architect and artist Alejandro Christophersen and became patrimony of the city in 2011. The inspiring historic space renovated itself thanks to the artistic direction of its founder Guadalupe Garcia Mosqueda. Mosqueda transformed it into a cultural pole of Argentinian excellence.

Guadalupe Garcia Mosqueda - Credits Juan Hitters
Front of the Villa - Credits Juan Hitters

Inaugurated in March following the restoration work by the studio of architecture ​KallosTurin, Casa Cavia maintains the simple, almost austere style of the original villa. The historic details give it a solemn appeal and were kept on purpose by the London architects together with the proportions of the rooms and the materials, including marble (white and green), gold and brass, antique mirrors and leathers; all typical elements of the historic 1920s and 1930s cafés and villas in Buenos Aires. Some modern interventions were added among which the delightful garden pool reflecting the panorama of the sky and the surrounding cornice.

Casa Cavia's Bar - Credits Juan Hitters

​Ana Mosqueda is an important figure of Casa Cavia. A literature laureate, independent researcher and owner of the publishing house Ampersand Publishers which resides on the first floor “Ana wanted the place to be a meeting point for an exchange of ideas as it was the case for publishing houses at the turn of the last century”. “It was around this concept that Casa Cavia was born” says Lupe Garcia. Ms. Mosqueda offers visitors the possibility to browse through a variety of books, including children’s books, art catalogues and illustrations, as well as managing the dreamiest corner of the villa, the reading room and bookshop where books hang from the ceiling as if flying above the readers.

The dining room - Credits Juan Hitters
The interior garden - Credits Juan Hitters

“Each interesting conversation starts at dinner, reason why we have a restaurant and a café” explains the founder. “We studied four different corners of the villa in which guests can try the gourmet dishes of Pablo Massey, protégé of the famous Argentinian chef Francis Mallmann, and the desserts of Próspero Velazco and fresh cocktails of Inés de los Santos, one of the most important bartenders in Argentina.

Not only: next to the garden you find ​Fueguia 1833, the famous perfume brand inspired by Patagonia. Silvana Grosso’s flower compositions for ​Flores Pasión capture sight and scent by the entrance.

The original details - Credits Juan Hitters
The restaurant view - Credits Juan Hitters

Guadalupe Garcia Mosqueda thinks that the future of Casa Cavia is to become an ever evolving place hosting new Argentinian talents and having them interact in the villa. “Lately we’ve introduced Luna Paiva’s plants, she is a sculptor and photographer, and Celina Saubidet’s jewels. This month we have Florencia Tellado and her hats with a dedicated event, and we have organized a summer cinema curated by Martin Rietti”

Casa Cavia offers a variety of refined pleasures, from books to perfumes, flowers to cocktails, a reminder of senses and how to satisfy them without guilt. On the prawl for new and brilliant Argentinian creativity and trends.

Flower installations by Silvana Grosso - Credits Juan Hitters
Restaurant mirror - Flower installations by Silvana Grosso - Credits Juan Hitters

​​Casa Cavia
Cavia 2985
Palermo Chico
Buenos Aires

About the author ​Marta Lavinia Carboni writes for Vogue and Elle Decor Italia as well as other important magazines. Carboni is also a designer and a researcher with a preference for color and space. She collaborated with Nava, Zucchi e Italo Treno. 

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