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Riquiqui Montaigne Nembro Giallo Marble Vase #2 - Main view


Riquiqui Montaigne Nembro Giallo Marble Vase #2

USD 315

Riquiqui Montaigne is a series of marble vases that resembles small, colorful mountains. Each vase is a unique piece. By changing the perspective from which the form of the small mountain is observed, it changes, and along with it, the perspective of the flowers it hosts, making it a protagonist of the space. Dimensions:44.4x8.4xh29cm. It features an off-centered hole with a diameter 2.5cm, including a glass test tube for flowers. Delivered in a custom handmade wooden box.

Product Details

MaterialMarbleDimensions (in)W 17.48 x D 3.31 x H 11.42Product referenceMANOBO-019Tearsheet

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