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Furniture Maker - Lombardia, Italy

A family-managed brand with an artisanal soul that started in the 60s in the heart of Brianza, the renowned cabinetmaking district near Milan, Bodema creates furniture pieces that are destined to become part of one’s own personal story, made with attention to detail in an elegant combination of design and functionality. Always present at Milan Design Week, since 2012 Bodema has also added a 700 mq showroom near Meda, becoming a hub for contractors, architects, and designers.


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Work performed by hand to bring out the unique beauty of a texture, of a soft and sinuous line or of a rigorous geometry.

Design according to Bodema is sophisticated, warm, personal. Capable, through every single project, to say something new that remains over time. Stimulus and ideas are also born from the collaboration with architects and designers. Around 2012 the relationshipwith Giuseppe Manzoni gets tight and this results in collections that reflect with consistency the company's philosophy: to design furniture that ring in the daily life of those who live it.

The pleasure of relaxing on your favorite armchair or sofa, offeeling its originality and warmth. A particular variation in the construction or in sizes. An unusual stitching and a richer padding. A colour selected among endless possible nuances. Differences, which may be sometimes imperceptible, but which make that piece something unique. An even more welcoming and comfortable shape. Because Bodema conceives design also as a careful tailoring job on details. The company has deliberately kept small in order to be always
quick, proactive, ready to meet individual demands and wishes. Its series products have the inimitable character of manual intervention. Work performed by hand to bring out the unique beauty of a texture, of a soft and sinuous line or of a rigorous geometry. Quality for Bodema is a living element, constantly evolving.
Each project is the result of a research. The inspiration can come from a technological innovation just appeared on the market, or, the contrary, the idea pushes us to find the best technology to achieve it.

In the global dimension of markets and ideas, the roots are a valuable asset. The fil rouge of a history that begins in the 60s and 70s of the last century. The adventure of a family and of a completely Italian business. It is the time of the economic boom and the Made in Italy design experiences a moment of great fervour. In
a small factory in the heart of Brianza they are working at lightning speed. The plant is located in Meda district, forever famous for upholstered products and for the skill of its craftsmen upholsterers. One of them, Giulio De Mango, had already opened a decade before his company. He started as a contractor and then, among the pioneersof a sector in growing expansion, he launched his own brand. Bodema. For nearly 50 years a family business, today in its second generation. An evolving path, open up to international
scenarios. And a unique way, since then, to think and build sofas, armchairs, beds and sofabeds. A know- how and a sense of beauty which feed its creativity. In the company they work out trends, which mark new home styles. Colours, materials, shapes, functions. And a fascination for all that is mechanism and motion. Sofas turn into different shapes and change thanks to ingenious technological tricks. Seating systems where modularity always finds new solutions. Convertible sofas that ennoble the idea of sofabed, from service
furniture to elegant and key-distinguishing object.

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