Marche, Italy - Designer
Chendù is Ernesto Cesario + Elisabetta Mariani, a design studio about interiors, products, identity, communication, integrated projects. It is also a brand of bespoke furnishing solutions, one-of-a-kind pieces of high craftsmanship, and customizable products made in Italy.

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We design because it is our vocation, because what we imagine becomes real, because seeing the sparkle in your eyes is the lifeblood of our work Chendù


Innovative in design. 
Committed to the sustainability of processes and products.
Sophisticated in materials, workmanship, and contamination.
Focused on the value of people, relationships, and dialogue.
Liquid in the versatility of solutions.
Firm in the enhancement of authenticity, craftsmanship, and territory.
Open to continuous experimentation and virtuous collaboration.
The essence is the matter that defines each project, the words tell the story.
Chendù is courage, an expression of inland areas, of the quality of life that one breathes, of beauty, of history, of resources, of limits, of traditions. Of human heritage, of a complex historical moment, of an iron will.

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