Chiara Berta

Emilia Romagna, Italy - Ceramist
Trained in set design, Chiara Berta immersed herself in the world of ceramics by chance while working as a decorator in a small workshop. In 1999, she established her own ceramic workshop to continue exploring the medium and art form. Focusing on shapes and silhouettes, she aims at enhancing the singular, poetic character of the irregularities of a handmade piece. She uses different kinds of earthenware to create spectacular objets d’art inspired by great masters.

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Some people are born for music, some for words, some for dancing; I think I was born for form: it's what I do best. Chiara Berta

Chiara Berta

Of great importance is Chiara's relationship with the nature in which she lives and from which she draws inspiration for harmony and simplicity. The bottles, which she develops with different techniques and materials, allow her to create ensembles that she loves to define as silent and poetic. Chiara loves to work with raw, chamotted and rough soils that have a strong reference to nature; they are approached and mixed so that they can determine almost decorative effects.

In particular, in the series of bottles with a rough brown and beige texture, the decoration that is created of lines and polka dots is obtained by working two soils of different colors, they mix and blend with each other. The processes that have always been preferred are certainly all those that could highlight the workmanship purely by hand, there has never been the help of machinery that could prevent the object to transfer this feeling. 

The colombino and the plate working are among the techniques that Chiara Berta uses the most; of the first one in particular she appreciates the slowness of execution that allows her to savor every moment of the becoming of the form. "Slowness" is the word that together with "poetry" most characterizes Chiara Berta's way of working and living; the first is the ideal condition to be able to reflect on what is being created, the second word is intent, that is, what the sets of objects she forms transmit.

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