Colorful Murano Glassware

Explore a colorful collection of glasses, chalices and pitchers - a one of a kind selection of unique drinkware crafted in precious Murano glass by master glassmiths including Tuttoattaccato, Giberto Arrivabene, Murano Glam and Vetrerie Artistiche Dipi.

The antique craft of Murano glass originates from a long tradition of practices handed down from generation to generation. The traditional glassblowing technique is deeply rooted in the Venetian territory and beautifully rendered by attaching a piece of glass at the end of a pipe and physically fill it with air to shape the glass. 

As true masters of their craft, artisans such as Carlo Moretti are inspired by the contemporary whilst staying true to their traditions, designing clean lines with modern decorations. ​Stefano Morasso experiments with new chromatic compositions, also developing a new technique called "cannello" distinguishable for uniting the small iron tube from lampworking (“vetro a lume”) with the furnace techniques.

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