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Precious Coffee Tables

A real must-have piece in any living room, the coffee table can be a work of art full of character and change the perception of your space. You will be delighted by the sophisticated brass details of Daytona pieces, the many facets of marble tables by Budri and the light pureness of Carpanese Home glass tables.

​Also known as the “centerpiece of a room”, the coffee table is a multi-functional piece of furniture that can be the main character of a living room if made of precious materials and artisanal mastery. We collected some of the most elegant and charming coffee tables designed with different materials and techniques, starting with the Botanic green marble of ​Paolo Castelli’s Claude Coffee Table and the black and white vibes of ​Dimarmo unique design.

​VeniceM glass pieces exhude a unique boho-chic allure while the same material is worked by ​Carpanese Home in a different way to be light and discrete. Brass and leather are the main character of ​Daytona pieces, giving to the space a sophisticated and classic look.