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Brass Lighting

Lighting is just one of the product categories in which brass finds widespread use, thanks to its reflective properties, creating the effect of a warm, shimmering light in interior spaces. Discover our edit of lighting fixtures designed to illuminate your interiors with the warmth of brass and the quality of Italian craftsmanship and design.

Brass has a rich history of popularity within interior design, spanning various eras. This material experienced a resurgence during the mid-20th century and, in today’s design landscape, brass is enjoying renewed popularity, emerging as a versatile and chic choice for interior elements. This trend can be attributed to evolving home décor trends and a growing fondness for the inclusion of warm, metallic embellishments in contemporary interiors.
Composed mainly of copper and zinc, brass is the sole alloy capable of mimicking the appearance of gold and can be worked, bent, hammered, and polished to produce creations with diverse textures and shapes. It is characterized by high resistance to corrosion and ease of maintenance, bringing a trendy touch to the rooms it decorates and infusing spaces with both warmth and elegance. Lighting offers a brilliant way to incorporate brass into your home in various forms: chandeliers by Diaphan Studio, sconces by Bronzetto, floor lamps by Il Fanale, and many more. Explore the collection and discover the piece that best complements the needs of your space and your design vision