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Bright Patterns

Whether paired with neutral elements for balance or mixed and matched for an eclectic look, bright patterns are perfect for transforming dull spaces into lively and dynamic environments. The Bright Patterns collection offers a curated selection of products designed to infuse your home with vibrant, colorful prints. This collection includes rugs, armchairs, poufs, and décor items, all featuring playful patterns like polka dots, stripes, and geometric shapes. Embrace the trend of bold and colorful interior design with this collection and add a unique touch to your living space just in time for the summer season.

From polka dots, stripes, and geometric shapes to more natural elements our collection provides a vast range of pieces to spice up your interiors with bright patterns. With summer just around the corner, infuse your home with vibrant, colorful prints that exude energy and personality. Ideal for those looking to showcase their creativity and individuality, these bright patterns are perfect for creating a striking visual impact and transforming your interiors.

By incorporating these patterns, you can enhance the mood of your space and reflect your personal style, whether you prefer a balanced look by pairing them with neutral elements or an eclectic mix-and-match approach. The white and red polka dots of the Luna Piena armchair by Extroverso, the daisies of the Kimeya tiles by Studio Le Nid, or the unique pattern of the Serlio Blue Atellani carafe by Tuttoattaccato. Choose the pattern that best suits your space and taste and pick furniture and décor in bright colors to add an interesting element to your interiors with the distinctive quality of Italian craftsmanship.