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The Chill Out Series: Club Vibes

Discover the Artemest Chill Out Series: our collections dedicated to enjoying the fall season from the comfort of your home. Find stylish pieces for your entertainment room inspired by sophisticated members’ clubs, with luxury game accessories and flamboyant furniture and décor.

​The Club Style stands out for its sophisticated and bold appeal. Inspired by the peculiar English gentlemen’s clubs, this style is characterized by the use of rich textures ad velvets, fringes and leather, deep colors and strong luxury accents of gold and crystal. Find, in this collection, furniture and décor inspired by club vibes and selected to be the main characters of your entertainment room.

Our editor’s selection feature some of the most sophisticated yet playful pieces: from crystal game tables by ​Teckell to leather chessboards by ​Pinetti. Among the furniture pieces ​Dimoremilano amazes with stylish and one-of-a-kind pieces, perfect to match with ​Tato’s glamour fringed table lamps.