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Japandi Essence

Discover the Japandi aesthetic, a contemporary style infusing the mono-tone warm Scandinavian interiors with the clean and minimalistic Japanese designs. This style will donate a calm and tranquil atmosphere to your spaces, making it the perfect place where to unwind and connect with the present.

Set of 4 White Ceramics Soup Bowls by Stilleben
Set of 4 White Ceramics Soup Bowls by Stilleben

​Build your Zen Garden

Build your Zen Garden according to the Japanese tradition with a selection of vases and cachepots with a minimalistic and mono-tone style, donating a tranquil and balanced atmosphere to your interiors.

Recreating the characteristic small pond typical of the zen gardens, the ​Vortex designed by Nabhadr Apiwanopas for ​Marsotto Edizioni features a wide disk with a hole in the middle, allowing the water to gather around and look like a vortex. 
​Bluside Perugia designed a ​set of 3 Topless Plant Container made of a mouth-blown borosilicate glass that is highly resistant and creating a ophisticated effect of lightness.