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Unconventional Storage Pieces

Bring a touch of unconventional style in your interiors and discover the beauty that a storage piece can bring into your spaces. Browse through a wide variety of handcrafted creations all carefully selected for their premium materials and their outstanding designs. From vibrant colors to new and cutting-edge shapes, explore all the shades of uniqueness that these pieces embody.

Explore a wide selection of pieces that includes some of the most remarkable names of the Italian cutting edge design panorama. Don't miss the breaththaking creations of Cassina, the unique combination of shapes that characterizes Memphis, the chromatic distinctiveness of Medaarch, the retro designs of Scapin Collezioni, the beautyful playing etagere by Epònimo, the unique shape of Cappellini's cabinet, the eyecatching cabinets by Fratelli Boffi, the unique round shape of Officine Tamborrino's bookcase, the premium wood used by Sicis, Ornythos and Secondome Edizioni, the romantic wall cabinet by Monica Gasperini, the evocative creations by Dimarmo, the unconventional pieces that characterize Altreforme and so much more.