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Fratelli Boffi: Playful Designs at the Louvre

Discover the Good Vibrations cabinet, the iconic piece by Fratelli Boffi that recently entered the permanent collection of the Louvre in Paris. Take a deep dive into Fratelli Boffi's woodworking artistry, a constant experiment in versatility and expansive imagination.

​​Fratelli Boffi is an Italian high-end furnishing company firmly standing its presence within this industry since the turn of the 1920s. The passion of Carlo Boffi for mastering the work of precious wood has been handed down to the second generation of family craftsmen. Federico, Roberto, and Michele Boffi who took over the business in 1953 have today established a company that produces unique pieces for prestigious interiors. The finest materials and finishes are employed in the making of remarkable designs, which are often the result of exquisite collaborations with other artists.

The company had since the beginning an innovative spirit, and the Made in Italy is to seek innovation every year, seek something new that doesn't exist on the market yet, still maintaining the solid tradition of the wood.

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​​Fratelli Boffi today is achieving a grandiose milestone for the company, making history for its piece ​'Good Vibrations', added to the permanent collection at the Museum of Decorative Arts (MAD) at the Louvre in Paris. The museum presents a curated collection of home furnishing, décor, glass, ceramics, and textiles, all in purpose to celebrate the finest representation of 'the art of living', shedding the light on some of the most important artisans all over the world and their creativity.

​The artisanal piece was designed by Ferruccio Laviani and crafted from precious wood, using the assistance of advanced software and progressive technologies capable of reproducing this skillful work.

The cabinet is a quintessential example of the arts' modernization that is so dear to ​Fratelli Boffi, perfectly embodying the playfulness of their designs. This out-of-the-ordinary concept has an outstanding take on the symmetry of lines, expressing a calm sensation of deja-vu.

​In this design, the traditional parameters of classic design are disrupted by a wave of motion that takes over the entirety of the piece. Laviani challenges forces of physics and aims at capturing the aftermath of a shock in a series of detailed vibrations. In a genius juxtaposition, the stillness and firmness of the wood join the oscillating movements, conveying an impression of reverberating in the surrounding spaces.

The echoes of different cultures are the force behind the motion, as the artisan interests in catching a glimpse of oriental lands and aesthetics into his work. The wood is in fact the storyteller, recounting other fascinating places and transmitting their stateliness in every single detailed ornament on the piece, enriched with classical elements.

The beauty of primordial shapes and carved wood are the foundations of ​Fratelli Boffi's commitment to the woodworking craft, celebrating their art with another prestigious accomplishment.

​The versatility of the ​Fratelli Boffi creative mark is traceable also to the 'Boffi Edizioni' collection. Within the collection, there are creations like the ​D/Vision.1 cabinet, a striking piece that is defined by a diagonal cut transmitting once again movement and surrealism. The two separated parts are also defined by the color contrast of the painted wood with sculptural legs accented by glossy brass tips. The ​Gothik/A cabinet in oak wood glass reinterprets the complex geometric structure of the rose windows in Gothic churches with a contemporary aesthetic. Both pieces are part of a limited edition of a total of ten items.

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