About Artemest

Recycled Design

Explore a curated selection of furniture and décor handcrafted using recycled or upcycled materials. Ethically made by skilled Italian artisans, these pieces result from alternative restored materials and industrial waste, embracing a zero-waste approach.

Achieving the goal of a zero-waste approach is one of the main trends of contemporary design. Today, environmental consciousness has become a unique opportunity to live and consume in a sustainable way, promoting recycling and upcycling of dismantled materials and scraps.

In the attempt to support circular economy, more and more artisans and designers are using industrial scraps to design appealing and sustainable pieces. Dixpari transforms thermoplastic waste into singular light fixtures, Stromboli Design upcycles plastic foams to compose colorful and modern furniture and Biosofa works with repurposed food and paint cans to realize singular lamps assembled by hand.

Another trend that has emerged from the necessity to recover production waste and give it new life and value is the upcycling of high-quality materials, combined with very little effort to produce eclectic patterns and unusual combinations. Marble fragments from industrial production are used by Alimonti and Stone Stackers to produce one-of-a-kind artworks with recognizable expressiveness. Pieces of Venice and Lebrìc find a connection to their territory and pay homage to the city of Venice, reusing the wood of the Briccole - the poles that divide the spaces inside the lagoon - to create furnishings and home accessories.

Food waste also represents an excellent opportunity to embrace sustainability. and Keep Life employ a cutting-edge material made from recycled dried fruit shells, Elli uses 3D printing to manufacture bioplastics from waste corn and oats, and Krill Design uses a 100% organic material made from citrus peels to design lamps and other accessories with a unique organic feel.