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Spill The Tea

Explore our selection of exquisite teapots and coffee pots, choosing from different designs, materials, and styles that most fit your needs. Our curated collection goes beyond functionality and blurs the lines between craftsmanship and art, allowing you to add an unconventional touch of design to your breakfast and afternoon tea.

​Teapots and coffee pots have long fascinated many designers, artisans, and artists thanks to their essential role and function that has spurred the imagination of masters and students alike. In the long history of design and craftsmanship, its shape has been twisted, broken into pieces, reinterpreted, or completely subverted into stunning and unexpected results.

These new and updated pieces are true forms of creativity, featuring different elements that make them unique: from the Chad teapot by Matteo Thun for ​Memphis, wood and silverware blend coffee makers by ​De Vecchi Milano 1935, and glass teapots by ​Casarialto, to handpainted ceramics by ​Coralla Maiuri and futuristic tea sets by ​Mazzotti 1903, explore our collection and let yourself be inspired by these out-of-the-world pieces.