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Conversation Starters

Eccentric, eye-catching and out of the box: discover a selection of distinctive design pieces that can’t slip through the cracks. Let Italian craftsmanship surprise you with strong color accents, intriguing textures and radical design pieces.

​Conversation starters are eye-catching pieces designed to surprise and delight with their mesmerizing details and eccentric charm. This stunning selection features some of the most revolutionary design icons such as the colorful ​Proust Geometrica Armchair, designed by Alessandro Mendini for ​Cappellini or the famous ​Joe Plush Armchair by ​Poltronova.

Discover some exquisite examples of Italian craftsmanship, designed and handcrafted with the finest materials to stand out in any environment with their strong presence. From furniture to lighting and décor, take a look at the unconventional ​Secondo Fuoco table lamp by ​TipStudio, the striking contemporary ​Lagune Mirror by ​Arte Veneziana and the one-of-a-kind ​Quartz Bio Armchair by ​D3CO.