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Essentials for a Grandmillennial Space

Discover the essentials for a Grandmillennial-themed space paying homage to marvelous interiors typical of everyone's favorite eccentric grandmother. Floral patterns, striped textiles and hearty lampshades are joint with the Millennial's taste, making for a harmonious and joyful living, rich in color and bizarre pieces.​


Floral Everything

A floral pattern is the essential part in a grandmillennial living space, adding a colorful charme with décor and furniture. Discover creations from Francesca Colombo, Ilaria Ferrero Toueg and more.​


Rocking Seating

Explore artisanal seating by creatives such as Fratelli Boffi, Billiani 1911 and Casamania.​


Wicker Décor

By weaving layer after layer, these furniture pieces are entirely composed of a woven pattern making them one of a kind and stand out from the rest. Look at pieces of designers such as Giobagnara, Bottega Intreccio and Mila Maurizi.​


Pink Hues

From pale pink to cerise, magenta and fuchsia, discover our editor's picks adding a pink touch to your spaces. Ceramica Baldanza, Zanetto and TipStudio design unique creations in this beautiful palette.


Retro Table Lamps

Add a unique touch to your lighting by selecting a retro table lamp, a classic from a grandma's home. These incredible pieces are from CG Cappelletti, Le Porcellane and more.​

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