About Artemest

Modern Brutalism

Discover our modern take on the classic Brutalism aesthetics, exploring a collection filled with stunning pieces that put an emphasis on materials, textures and construction, creating raw ambiences of concrete, stone, sculptural metals and burnt finishes for modern spaces stripped to their essential core.

​Brutalism was born as an architectural movement that gained prominence in the 1950s and 1960s for its simple, block-like structures that often featured bare building materials with exposed concrete and strong geometric lines. This very precise and defined aesthetic has deeply influenced modern interior design, creating another current of product design that features the same raw principles applied to manufacturing. The room is stripped down to essential pieces, with blocks and shapes blending with the functionality of the space putting an emphasis on materials, textures and construction.

Explore our take on modern brutalism with a collection of monolithic-shaped light sculptures by Giorgio Cubeddu, raw stone coffee tables by Studio Constellation, iron pieces with burnt and rusted finished by Antonino Sciortino, versatile wood decors by ROU Material and stainless steel dining tables with granite details by Venerelab.