About Artemest

Patterned Cushions

Explore a world of shapes, soft shades and geometric lines in our collection of colorful patterned cushions. These statement décordécor pieces will set a decisive step towards your ideal aesthetic. Discover creations from Anna Paola Cibin, Nodus, Les Ottomans, L'Opificio and more.

Stripes, carrè, and geometric arrangments come together with precious silks, soft velvets, and pure pearl cotton to create unique décor pieces capable of transforming a space. The refined inner paddings are covered by splendid canvas on which artisans give full freedom to their imagination, depicting one-of-a-kind patterns through different embroidery techniques and designs.

The Persian motifs handknitted on this piece by ​Nodus are an essential geometric pattern with curved and angular forms. The ​Mr. Nest Cushion Nepal by Paolo Cappello shows dainty black lines elegantly juxtaposed on the yellow background and is part of the exclusive series of cushions designed by Paolo Cappello for the brand.

​Anna Paola Cibin integrates in her ​Pink Leaves Purple Velvet Cushion an intertwined pearl trimming, ideal for a sophisticated addition to both a classic living room and a modern study.