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solesempre by San Patrignano

Artemest supports San Patrignano community by promoting the splendid work of its wallpaper and textile workshops. Discover “solesempre” collection: unique artistic textiles and wallpapers created by the community of San Patrignano under the artistic direction of visionary designer Giovanna Bianco. The project develops from the mission of combining artisanal knowledge with social responsibility through the elegance and taste of Italian culture. This is a charity project, 100% of profits will be devolved to the community of San Patrignano.

​solesempre initiative was born with the purpose of celebrating luxury craftsmanship, giving life to objects – textiles and wallpapers – handmade with artisanal mastery and deep passion by the members of ​​San Patrignano, the largest recovery community in Europe, in collaboration with Cariaggi – that donated the yarn for the realization of the textiles – under the artistic direction of New York based designer Giovanna Bianco. The project was born and developed inside the community workshop: a place of work and inspiration where sustainability, Italian heritage and social impact are the watchwords. solesempre is the Italian expression of “always sun”: a message that conveys a sense of rebirth and positivity and also a precise aesthetic intent which finds its culmination in the values of brightness and lightness.

Discover solesempre Collection

​solesempre collection presents splendid unique pieces made to complete sophisticated and refined interiors, adding a touch of specialness to any environment. Starting from the blankets - in precious cashmere and silk yarn donated by Cariaggi - designed drawing inspiration from the idea of light in the different landscapes of 1950s American figurative art, in colors that are freely inspired by modernist abstract painting. The handwoven is made on a reproduction XVII century loom, with various weaving techniques to realize unique twists.

​The hand-painted multi-layered wallpapers, developed with micro and macro patterns, were inspired by historic 18th-century natural subjects with colors selected from American contemporary art. The final result is a collection of exquisitely designed pieces that evoke multiple sensations: lightness, open air and ethereal light. These pieces will give your home a feeling of wellbeing and peaceful ambience.

​San Patrignano is the largest and most successful recovery community in Europe. The project was born to give support and to save lives that seem hopeless, by offering a new chance to develop passion and dignity. During a four-year program, residents are intensely trained within a metier of craft. 200 people are involved in​ ​San Patrignano Design Labs and represent the future of master craftsmanship for the community. It is possible to visit these “botteghe" of experimentation where art blends with rebirth, nourished by elegant aesthetics and beauty: one of the main educational values in San Patrignano. Artemest is happy to support San Patrignano by promoting the splendid work of San Patrignano Design Labs and by selling their products donating 100% of profits to the community.