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Natural stone is a gift from nature. Over thousands of years, nature has worked on each block of stone, creating extraordinary shades of color and unique details. This material feature patterns of veining and sometimes even tiny traces of fossils, all of which add to their charm and appeal. Marble and other types of natural stone have been in use for thousands of years, but that doesn’t mean they cannot be considered for elegant modern interiors. Discover how natural stone is not only a timeless décor choice but also versatile and refreshingly modern.

Natural stone is the ideal material for various purposes in interior design. It is durable, sustainable, and versatile. Since humans began extracting raw materials from nature for construction, natural stone has been an essential element. It is associated with luxury and elegance, making it suitable for different interior design applications and elevating the ambiance of any space. One particular characteristic that makes this material so popular is its unique texture and unrepeatable beauty. When using natural stone in product design, no two pieces will be the same, even if they are made from the same stone collected from the same location.

From the classic elegance of marble to the distinctiveness of travertine, stone offers a spectrum of textures, colors, and finishes that can complement any design style. Whether it's the warmth it brings when paired with wood, its interplay with light, or its ability to align with diverse color palettes, stone's versatility is unmatched. Natural stone stands out as a key element in interior decoration, providing both visual appeal and a unique tactile experience. Whether it's used as the prominent material, like in the Curl armchair by MGM Marmi e Graniti where the veining of marble stands out, in the Ossicle stool by Giobagnara or the Ottanta dining table by Ghidini 1961 where travertine is the protagonist, or when paired with other materials such as glass in the Pierce round dining table by Budri, copper in the Clis table lamp by Laura Meroni, or other types of stone as seen in the Ritagli chairs by Alimonti Milano or the Multicolor Colonnade bookcase by Salvatori designed by Pietro Lissoni. Each piece celebrates the uniqueness of this gorgeous material, thanks to the skilled hands of some of the finest Italian artisans who, with their expertise, highlight its beauty.