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Glamorous Interiors by Sasha Adler

Meet Sasha Adler, Chicago based interior designer and founder of Sasha Adler Design. Her interiors feature marvelous textures, jewelry-like details, a collection of vintage/antique pieces, and custom items, all curated thoughtfully as a sophisticated extension of her client’s interests.

Chicago based designer, ​Sasha Adler began her career working in the fashion industry in New York and developing strong aesthetics, innovative color palettes, jewelry-like details, and unexpected combinations. Her comprehensive understanding of materials, antiques, textiles and fine art, as well as a seasoned understanding of interiors, led to launching her own interior design firm Sasha Adler Design.

​Sasha Adler Design specializes in comprehensive historical restorations and new construction projects. Each project begins with understanding each specification from the clients and then building a narrative for the interior through the discerning selection of architectural details, natural materials, and bespoke designs. Through the lens of her client, Sasha Adler creates spaces that are thoughtful, comfortable, unique and most importantly, reflective of them.

In an era when it seems nearly everything can be replicated or copied, things that are actually crafted by hand and reflect the detailed work and investment of time and effort that go into their creation are invaluable.

What does 'Made in Italy' mean to you?

Italy originally set the precedent for craftsmanship, integrity and the highest quality in design. Not only do they maintain the standard of excellence with everything made in Italy, but they continue to raise the bar and push design forward, without compromise or shortcuts.

Describe your philosophy and approach?

Assembling a home should be an exciting, engaging process, but it can also be overwhelming. I listen carefully to what my clients want so that I can interpret, curate and deliver a home that reflects their style and functions for the lifestyle they want to be living. In addition to always approaching each project with a fresh perspective and coming up with creative, innovative design concepts, we also bring the highest level of organization and structure to the execution, so that no detail gets misinterpreted. Additionally, I am constantly looking to the past to find pieces that were beautifully made and have withstood the test of time or pieces that are hand-crafted in the present time reflecting the utmost quality.

Who/What has inspired the most of your work and style?

Fashion was my first love (more like an obsession) and I am constantly referencing details and elements I have seen on the runway or explaining an interior design pairing as it relates to how I would assemble an outfit. Fashion moves much faster than interiors, but there are certain wardrobe staples that stand the test of time and continue to stay relevant. I like to think of their counterpart in interiors providing the basis for great, timeless, design.

I like to see true craftsmanship in every detail: from the brushstrokes in the paint finish to the hand-stitching of a leather seam, to a thumbprint in the pottery, it’s these touches that set one’s home apart and make it truly unique.

Which is the one design/décor you could not live without?

Antiques, all of my designs have antiques woven in, even if overall the interior reads more modern. I love that an antique item has lived a previous life in a completely different context. It brings a sense of history, character and stability with its untold story and timeworn patina. By calling on a compilation of materials and time periods to take a role, each item works together and yet they highlight one another through contrast!