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Capofaro Locanda & Malvasia

Immerse yourself in this spectacular estate found on the magic island of Salina. A place born out of the love for wine and sea where travellers can experience the best Mediterranean hospitality. Capofaro Locanda & Malvasia is the truest expression of Salina, a locanda surrounded by rows of vines reaching the clear blue sea, producing Malvasia, the typical wine of the island.

Capofaro Locanda & Malvasia is part of the prestigious Relais & Châteaux group. Located in magical Salina, the greenest and most authentic of Sicily's UNESCO-protected Aeolian islands, this exclusive boutique hotel was originally a quaint lighthouse, set on the hill of Capofaro, overlooking the islands of Panarea and Stromboli. As the northernmost lighthouse in Sicily, Capofaro was the first signal for those arriving by night from the Tyrrhenian Sea. In 2017, the Tasca d'Almerita family purchased this piece of Aeolian history with the desire to preserve and improve this structure.

27 rooms in total, including 6 in the lighthouse, designed and furnished in the local Aeolian style, created for friends and tasteful travelers offering the best of Mediterranean hospitality. Capofaro is nature, volcano, land and sea; a place that can stimulate all the senses. Here every movement leads to reconnecting with oneself. Capofaro is total immersion in viticulture and a place to discover the world of wine. Capofaro is a dream place to recharge the body and mind through yoga and pilates classes, wellness treatments, or simply watching the changing colors and listening to the sounds of the sea. The lighthouse overlooks the cliffs of Capofaro and the splendor of the Aeolian sea with Salina's twin mountains, "Dido" and "The Eagle," "Didyme," rising imperiously behind it. Each of the 6 rooms has its own garden and private entrance, and the minimalist design style is inspired by the atmosphere of the Aeolian islands: natural colors and organic materials. Discreet luxury reigns here, especially in the suite "The Lighthouse," located in the center of the property. It measures 56sqm with views of the garden and the sea. The location of the lighthouse, adjacent to the rest of the property but secluded, allows guests to immerse themselves in an atmosphere of refined tranquility and absolute relaxation.

​The kitchen, the domain of chef Ludovico De Vivo – originally from the South of Italy – weaves a story spun with typical Aeolian ingredients in harmony with the philosophy and rich gastronomic history of the Tasca d’Almerita family. At the centre of the menu are the sun, sea and volcanic land of Salina, and all ingredients are transformed with respect for their true essence. A journey through local knowledge, where the Capofaro vegetable gardens provide 70% of the produce used in the kitchen, waste is reduced to a minimum, and bread and pasta is made using ancient grains grown at Tenuta Regaleali, the storied Tasca d’Almerita family estate in the centre of Sicily. Cookery lessons taught by Ludovico De Vivo are the perfect place to learn gastronomic secrets, longed for throughout the world. For guests who want to fully experience the sea surrounding Salina and the Aeolian islands, nautical excursions can be organized: from a relaxing tour enjoying a cold bottle of wine and a gourmet picnic prepared by our chefs, to scuba diving and evening trips to the volcanic island of Stromboli.

​As with every Tasca d’Almerita project the starting point in Salina was vineyards. When the property was purchased there was a six hectare Malvasia vineyard that had been in production for about thirty years; the best part was combined with the opportunity to grow additional Malvasia plants on the island; creating a vineyard that produces wines with enhanced aromatic qualities.
​Malvasia delle Lipari is the noble fruit of the Aeolian islands, the grape belongs to the category of aromatic wines, and is one of the many Malvasia varieties cultivated in Italy. For our Didyme bottle, the grapes are harvested early, resulting in a dry wine with good acidity, hints of aromatic herbs and floral notes. Whereas if the fruit is harvested fully ripened and dried for a short time, the result is a truly excellent sweet wine. The Capofaro Malvasia grapes for our sweet wine are dehydrated in the shade, to maintain the fruit’s fragrance and elegance. Our winemakers undergo a gentle pressing of the grapes and the use of low fermentation temperatures, to extract and maintain the typical aromaticity of the grapes.

​Capofaro Locanda & Malvasia


Via Faro, 3 – 98050 – Salina Isole Eolie, Sicily

+39 090 98 44 330

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