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Carmè Milano

Discover Carmé, a stunning newly opened restaurant in Milan designed by interior and product designer Marsica Fossati. An intimate atmosphere featuring curated interiors inspired by the 20s and nature where guests can enjoy the best of the Mediterranean and Neapolitan cuisine.

​Discover a new must go restaurant in Milan: ​Carmè restaurant opened its doors earlier this summer and immediately became a fashionable destination for fine dining in Milan. Located in Via Pier della Francesca, 52, Carmè offers the best of Mediterranean and Neapolitan cuisine to its guests: a genuine cuisine, with a strong focus on raw materials and simplicity.

We see the restaurant as the home of all our guests. We have created a place that we hope you will find warm and welcoming, while maintaining the traditions, albeit with a topicality in the furnishings.

​“There is no person in the world more important than our mothers” says the funding trio of Carmè; reason why they have decided to honor their mothers naming the restaurant Carmè. Carmela in Campano dialect Carmè is the name of the mother of one of the founders of this new project. As the name reflects the love for the family has been the common thread that has accompanied the founders in this adventure.

​The interiors of the restaurant have been curated by ​Marsica Fossati, Milan based interior and product designer specialized in luxury hospitality interiors and known for her eclectic creativity and meticulous attention to details. The restaurant is articulated in different spaces: the bar bistrot where guests can enjoy a quick meal, have an aperitivo before dinner or stop for an excellent mixology drink made by Carmè’s professional bartenders and for some good music after dinner; a stunning dehor for an al fresco dining experience; the restaurant and a private bar room.

Entering upon the restaurant, guests are welcomed by a luxurious yet intimate atmosphere and by stunning interiors inspired by the 20s and nature, both recurring themes in Marsica’s interiors. The 20s inspiration appears from the use of fringes, velvets, from the mirrored cage structure of the bar that resembles a 20s café and from the comfortable lounge area where guests can relax on low velvet armchairs a 20s inspired bistro tables with green and white marble tops and curved brass legs that have been especially designed by Marsica for Carmè.

Whereas nature exudes from the use of green color shades combined to an eclectic use of a deep orange, by the numerous plants in the space, by the beautiful hand painted wall decorations and from the leaf tiles used for the tops of the custom indoor and outdoor tables. A eclectic touch is given by the use of mirrors, mirrored surfaces and by the mixed use of chairs around the tables and mixed patterned textiles.

A kitchen facing the restaurant and a fireplace complete the look, making you feel at home and adding a touch of intimacy. Also the restroom is a must visit space; here walls are covered in a colorful mix of wallpapers including those of ​Co.De Wall and the custom made sinks are made in backlit onyx stone that gives the space a magic light and atmosphere. Last but not least the Moroccan inspired dehor is a truly beautiful space where to enjoy al fresco dining featuring French style bistro tables and dining chairs.​

Stunning interiors, excellent food and good music: at Carmè every night a different dj plays music for guests to enjoy while dinning or sipping a drink at the bar.