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Unique Views at Forestis Dolomites

Forestis is a place of peace and harmony, deeply immersed in the scent of the Alpine nature. Discover this unique location: surrounded by dense woods and nestled in the beautiful landscape of the Plose mountain, with breathtaking views of the majestic Dolomites.

​The ​Forestis luxury hideaway is located at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level, in a sheltered sunny location on the southern slope of the Plose mountain, in the South Tyrolean Alps. Its history has roots back to 1912: indeed, the extraordinary natural features of this area prompted the Austrian monarchy to build a sanatorium in this place of great energy.

Today, this charming retreat maintains the same philosophy of the past, approached with a fresh perspective and a multi-faceted understanding of hospitality by Teresa and Stefan, the current owners. The freshness of the spring water, the purity of the mountain air, the warmth of the sun's rays and the sense of well-being given by the mild climate have helped to make this dream come true.

​These elements are the main character of Forestis magical aura: a unique experience that completely involves the guest in an introspective and energetic place. Nothing is more invigorating than enjoying the spectacular panorama of the Dolomites in a luxury suite, entirely furnished with natural materials, feeling enveloped by the warmth of wood, the true protagonist of these clean environments.

In this hideaway, contact with nature is essential and it can be perceived in every space, thanks to the creation of a harmonious ensemble, inspired by the external environment. The dolomite stone, from which spring water flows, is perceptible everywhere in Forestis structure. Glass, emphasizes the clarity of the air and brings nature inside carrying the guest in the middle of the forest, at eye level with the monumental and colorful Dolomites.

​Enveloping fabrics that come from a weaving mill in Trentino give a warm touch to the interiors of the suites. The furnishings are characterized by a simple, clean elegance and are strongly connected with the surrounded nature. The wood, that thanks to the favorable climate grows luxuriantly in the surrounding forest, is spruce: untreated and left natural to create unique furniture and interiors so that guests can breathe the scent and the essential oils of it and enjoy their calming effects.

​Even in Forestis Spa guests can feel a strong contact with nature: the indoor and outdoor pool brings the element of water into a new and beautiful combination with stone. The dolomite stone is responsible for the exceptional purity of the Plose mountain waters, which also fills the stone pool. A strong sensation of pureness embraces anyone who plunges in it, together with the calm and peace that only a soft snowy landscape can give.

Forestis's Spa treatments follow the principle of the four indigenous trees: mountain pine, spruce, larch, and Swiss stone pine. Each of these trees possesses different active substances that allow the human body to deeply regenerate. The Forestis Spa proposes a journey to achieve introspective and physical well-being which can be found in the enveloping warmth of saunas, silence rooms and areas dedicated to fitness: all made with local wood. In these environments a feeling of relax and spirituality transports the guest towards a new self-awareness.

​But the journey cannot be complete without a taste of the delicious “Forest Cuisine”: a dip in Mediterranean culinary tradition that meets Alpine ingredients. Nature and local farmers supply the ingredients that are brought to perfection at Forestis, blending old-established traditions with the creativity of modern cooking. The chef’s cooking philosophy always follows the principles of variety, naturalness and authenticity. The elegant restaurant is step shaped: each table offers the desired privacy and, at the same time, an extensive view of the surrounding forests and sunsets over the Dolomites.

Forestis Dolomites

Palmschoß 292, 39042 Bressanone BZ

+39 0472 521008