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Six Masserie in the Apulian Countryside

Take a tour of southern Italy's traditional farmhouses: the Masserie. Nestled in the thriving Mediterranean countryside and immersed in olive groves, they are extraordinary witnesses of Apulia's history and tradition. Brimming with beauty and warm hospitality, these rural locations offer an authentic Apulian experience.

​Critabianca Relais is located in the thriving countryside of Cutrofiano and is a true haven of peace surrounded by typical Apulian greenery. In this charming mansion you can breathe an atmosphere of yesteryear through evocative landscapes and locations. The relais has belonged, in the form of a farmhouse, to Goulart de Sauméry, regent of Castel del Monte; it was subsequently transformed into a summer residence for bourgeois families and eventually became a rural house for the production of tobacco.

Critabianca is a peaceful oasis made of stone with antique austere furniture, intimate and welcoming spaces, sweet-smelling flowers and enveloping lights, everything designed following the country house’s original structure. All the rooms are masterfully characterized by the presence of plaster and “Leccese” stone which are in constant communication. Moreover, the niches carved into the walls within the spaces offer a multitude of views and atmospheres, playing with the contrast between light and shadow and offering an intimate and elegant environment.

​Set in the splendid Valle d'Itria, in the territory of Martina Franca in Apulia, surrounded by Mediterranean scents the resplendent Masseria San Michele is a farmhouse that offers an authentic Apulian experience to its guests. The strategic location of Masseria San Michele allows one to easily explore the beauty and variety of its surroundings such as the picturesque town of Alberobello - a UNESCO World Heritage site - Polignano a Mare and the city of Bari.

What makes Masseria San Michele different from the other Apulian masserie is its subdued simplicity and the rural warmth of this unique location. An unpretentious country house set among the tilting olive trees makes this an ideal family getaway. The interiors and exteriors of the masseria reflect a blend of a rustic and modern environment. The patio welcomes you with the lush green garden, with its play of lights and shadows, an outdoor living area to relax and read. Extending from the patio lies the pool that stands out in the well-kept garden.

​Within an estate of one hundred and thirty hectares in the countryside of Manduria, rises the sixteenth-century ​Masseria Potenti, located in a smooth landscape which gently rolls towards the enchanting Ionian sea, among endless olive groves, vineyard and Mediterranean thicket. With a strong respect for its ancient architecture, the Masseria has become a unique farmhouse which unites its strong agricultural identity with refined hospitality.

Spending your time in the exclusive privacy of the suites obtained from the old sheepfolds is an amazing experience. All of which include a characteristic private garden, where, upon request, a romantic dinner can be served. Here, one can enjoy moments of intimate relaxation in the wellness centre or in the private swimming pool located in the Mediterranean garden, read a book in the shade of a fig tree or be massaged in the oasis of prickly pears.

​Set off the beaten track, in the picturesque town of Savelletri di Fasano, on the Adriatic coast find Masseria Torre Maizza, a stunning renovated 16th century Masseria (a typical farmhouse of the Apulia region) that exquisitely blends local heritage with contemporary luxury and unparalleled service. Lavishly decorated in ivy and centuries old olive trees resembling natural sculptures, the entire property is a culmination of thoughtful design details that evokes a deep sense of comfort.

This magnificent Apulian farmhouse opened its doors to the public in May 2019, following its renovation, which now combines Rocco Forte’s signature Anglo-Italian style of service, warmth, and hospitality with a contemporary, modern design in one of Italy’s most exciting and picturesque travel destination. Masseria Torre Maizza invites one to experience this authentic setting and take in the aromas of the sea in a Southern Italian way.

​In the heart of the Apulia countryside lies a magical place between the wilderness of the olive groves and the beautiful coast. A few minutes away from the picturesque beaches and a short drive from the historical towns of Cisternino and Alberobello, the scenery is rich with old Apulian farmhouses known as Masserie, among which: Masseria Moroseta. A modern retreat that pays homage to the traditional structures that have been the epicenter of the authentic Apulian lifestyle which centers around agriculture and self-sustainability, pairing it with modern design and hospitality solutions.

With an almost metaphysical structure, the designer Andrew Trotter and owner Carlo Lanzini envisioned an innovative architecture that wouldn't feel out of place in the stunning setting: the clean, sharp lines of the Masseria are today immediately recognizable and have become a staple of the Ostuni region, but are nevertheless perfectly blended in the surroundings.

At the origin of Alessia Perrucci’s vineyard hotel ​Masseria le Fabriche was a simple idea to combine winemaking and hospitality.The estate called Le Fabriche covers about 20 hectares of grapevines, centuries-old olive trees and Mediterranean Maquis. From the panoramic position of the “Serre Tarantine”, the 17th century farmhouse, the Masseria, overlooks this rural amphitheater designed by nature and by men over the centuries. The Masseria offers stunning views of the Ionian sea which is only 4 km far.

The Fabriche project starts at the end of the nineties, with the aim of using local grapes to produce quality wine within an environmentally responsible framework. Organic farming and close collaboration with the best agronomists and winemakers are part of this practice. In 2007, following careful restoration work, the estate was turned into an elegant relais. The exclusive suites, which are located between grapevines and olive trees, have been designed to provide a sensory experience of peace and relaxation in a timeless place.