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Milan’s Hidden Treasure: The Sister Hotel

Located in an old Milanese courtyard covered in lush palms, lies The Sister Hotel; Milan’s newest treasure that is set to open in Fall 2019. Occupying a restored 16th-century building, the eclectic interiors combined with vintage furnishings from Six Gallery evoke a timeless and romantic atmosphere. Explore the exotic The Sister Hotel: a bohemian oasis where design, art, and food come together.

​In an intimate and secret corner, tucked away behind a large gate in the heart of Milan, find a beautiful courtyard covered in palms, banyans, ferns and majestic kentia. The old-fashioned balconies and arched openings are characterized by an "old Milanese charm". Immersed in a timeless atmosphere, this courtyard houses a sixteenth-century building, originally an ancient monastery, which is now owned by the Six Project: charming, exotic Milanese venture. Conceived as a hub of creative ideas, a space both physical and conceptual where off beaten projects intersect and become complementary, Six is one of the most fascinating treasures of the city.

The space is divided into smaller areas, each dedicated to a specific aspect of the universe of Six Project: food, with GinO12/Sixième bistro, design with ​Six Gallery, materials production with ​Forest Design Materioteca, and hotellerie, with the brand new ​The Sister Hotel.

​The Sister hotel is one of the ‘Six Projects’ whose name indirectly recalls the original function of the place, a monastery of nuns. Conceived by entrepreneur Mauro Orlandelli together with art director Samuele Savio and architects David Lopez Quincoces and Fanny Bauer Grung, head of the Quincoces-Dragò studio, the vision of the space is to create a unique experience with a stylistic code.

The Sister Hotel is inspired by the hôtel particulier, the luxurious French city residences that housed the nobles in the 16th century. The idea of hospitality for The Sister Hotel was born from this, the desire to offer an experience in a sophisticated but informal environment, a bohemian oasis where design, art, and food come together.

​A unique quality of the Sister hotel is the coordinated aesthetics and style which is in symbiosis with the other realities of Six. Designers Quincoces-Dragò, head of the Six Gallery, located within the Six premises, is credited for the architecture, interiors, and furnishings: partly vintage and partly new, customized according to the specific needs of the rooms.

The hotel consists of nine rooms, with one suite and two junior suites, each with its own specific identity. The prevailing style is an eclectic mix of sophisticated furnishings, timeless romantic details and contemporary elements, which together give a welcoming and refined atmosphere.

The Milanese style is manifested using the typical colors of the city: black, coral red and gold, readapted and made more precious, which predominate in the amenities and objects that make up the setting.

The pilot room, which was opened to visitors during the Milan Design Week 2019, recalls the relaxing tones of the bistro Sixième and the Sixgallery, with dark green walls and black skirting boards and doors. The floors are partly new designs and partly made from reused materials: parquet in the bedroom, light grits in the bathrooms, red and black terrazzo in the corridor. The furnishings tastefully picked out from last year's Six Project collection, some are original vintage pieces, including the wall lamps by Ignazio Gardella, Altai mats, textiles and velvets in a fusion of colors ranging from neutral tones to the warmer earth shades.

​The Sister Hotel brings its guests through a special journey to discover the many novelties: the hospitality reflecting stories, tastes, and styles.

The Sister Hotel

Via Scaldasole, 7, 20123 Milano MI


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