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Bespoke Lampshades by Luci di Seta

Read the story of Luci di Seta, a Venice based workshop specialized in handcrafted lampshades exclusively made using traditional techniques and the finest natural materials. Explore a selection of hand painted and hand embroided wall lamps and pendants finely creafted.

Annalisa Falasco has dedicated herself for over twenty years to the creation of stunning bespoke lampshades, which combine colors and shapes in an original and unique fashion. Luci di Seta’s lighting creations are one-of-a-kind, elegant, and timeless objects that add warmth and a contemporary flair to any interior.

Read our interview with this Venice-based unique atelier to discover artistic techniques, high quality materials and the philosophy behind.

​Tell us about Luci di Seta. How was this project created?

Luci di Seta was created about twenty-eight years ago out of our personal need to transform precious fabrics such as antique silks and yarns into lampshades with a deep passion for art, excellent craftsmanship, and a dedicated research in the world of antiques. We have had few unhappy experiences with some workshops that have taught us to never stop learning and knowing about this craft, which I felt was mine in every one of its aspects.

Your lampshades are distinguished by the use of refined, extremely high quality fabrics. Which kind of fabric do you prefer to use in your creations?

Since the beginning, fabric has become a subject of research, study and deep knowledge in our workshop. We only choose fabrics that are composed of natural materials such as linen, cotton, and silk, and we approach them with innovative techniques of craftsmanship.

​How is one of Luci di Seta’s lampshades created? Which are the main steps of production and the techniques employed?

We don’t use chemical glues, nor any kind of mechanical or electrical means. The only tools we use are scissors, sticks, pencils, small engravers, water glues and, of course, hand movements. Many of our projects were inspired by internationally renowned textile editors, by the discovery of jute, hemp, raffia, and straw, and it couldn’t have been any differently! We always use the colorful linen by Dominique Keiffer and Libeco, the precious silks of the Parisian house Metaphores, velvets by Jab Anstoetz showcasing splendid hues, but we would be glad to create a collection using our Venetian Fortuny fabric, or Dedar and many others. Thanks to Alexandra Stendl, her knowledge and availability, we were able to explore, research and experiment the historical world of art by studying materials and new compositions. Alexandra Stendl was able to reinterpret important methods of craftsmanship such as “Marmorino”, a Venetian type of stucco, and ancient gold leaf plating by applying them directly on the completed lampshade in parchment or silk, and giving shape to the 2019 Secret World Collection.

​How would you describe your decor style?

Thick brushstrokes, shades of color, gold and silver veinings that chase after each other. Light enhances every single detail and shade by creating fascinating chiaroscuro effects. For instance, our series characterized by curious animals literally climbing free spaces becomes a starting point to creatively customize luxurious interiors.

What philosophy lays behind your brand and your creations?

Our philosophy consists in following a single creative impulse that merges many interpretations of contemporary style, with historical and artistic contaminations specific to certain periods of time or characters in the world of interior design, to offer project ideas to exclusive interiors and an impeccable experience. Our aim is to remain completely “handmade”, stylishly interpreting new ways of thinking textile lighting, changing the rules with the same dedication we pay to detail, and always choosing the natural and sustainable solutions that have distinguished us throughout the years among top-class Made in Italy.