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Handcrafted Art: Bragagnolo Argenti

Discover the art of handcrafted silver tabletop with Bragagnolo Argenti, a family business that works with skilled artisans to bring incredible accessories to life. Combining ancient techniques with innovative research, Bragagnolo preserves Made in Italy traditions by bringing timeless designs to the modern table.

Bragagnolo Argenti is a family company founded in 1978 in the Medieval town of Cittadella in the Veneto region, a historical district of silversmith tradition in the area surrounding Padua and Vicenza. A well-established name in the industry, Bragagnolo Argenti preserves the ancient techniques of silver making by employing master silversmiths and skilled artisan to translate aesthetic sensibility into works of art. Each piece is an incredibly refined example of Made in Italy values, combined with innovative research and timeless designs.

Read our interview with Bragagnolo Argenti and read all about the complex artisanal process that gives life to stunning tabletop creations, from detailed accessories to classic pitchers and baskets.

​Bragagnolo Argenti is a historic Italian company in the production of silver. Tell us your story.

Bragagnolo Argenti was born in 1978 in Cittadella, in the renowned gold and silver district of Vicenza and Padua. The founders, Bragagnolo brothers Gino and Antonio, took advantage of their skills acquired from a very young age in the field of silverware production, and founded the company with the third partner Vittorio, who later joined to take care of the commercial promotion. The tradition continues with the children of the founders working in the company today, giving continuity to the artisanal and artistic skills of their parents.

What kind of processing techniques do you apply to your pieces?

We still use the classic hammer and handwork to bend and shape the metal plate, adapting it to the shape we want to obtain. The turning is still performed on the manual lathe, where strength and precise skills are required. All Bragagnolo Argenti products are characterized by fine craftsmanship combined with high precision mechanical processes.

​What makes your creations unique?

The very use of hands and artisan tools make the objects unique creations to which the utmost attention is dedicated, where the smallest detail is finely curated. From the realization to the finishing, up to the decorative phase, each step is entrusted to the skill of our master silversmiths who work the metal with incredible care.

Your production started in Cittadella, a Medieval town in the Veneto region. How does your territory of origin influence your products?

The entire area of Padua is famous for the silversmith school and for the renowned companies that have been producing silver cutlery and crockery since the 1970s. In particular Cittadella, a unique town that stands out for its beauty and art, has influenced our continuous search for the elegance and beauty that is found in our products.

How is a piece by Bragagnolo Argenti born? Tell us about the main processing phases.

It starts with a simple flat metal plate, to which the desired shape is given with suitable tools and a lot of skills, and the components that complete it are later applied. Once the piece is made, it proceeds to the cleaning phase to remove any processing residue and for polishing. The final stage consists of silvering, which makes the object bright and shiny, ready to be packaged in elegant boxes.