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Resin Vases: Corsi Design Factory

Discover the story of Corsi Design Factory, an Italian workshop led by Andrea Corsi, well known for its dedicated experimentation with resin. The bright colored resin molded into avant-garde designs characterizes their products. Explore a series of unconventional vases that blend artistic visions and genuine craftsmanship.

Tell us about your story and how Corsi Design Factory has evolved over the course of its history?

​Corsi Design​ Factory was born from the serendipitous encounter with ​Gaetano Pesce in 2003, who passed the baton to Andrea Corsi by revealing to him the "magic formula" for working the resin. Corsi began experimenting with this material, trying to "tame" its unpredictable nature, meticulously detailing the decorations and creating a line of products by differentiating the basic models. Years of experience marked by trial and error, insights and discoveries, have led to today's results: a series of ever-evolving collections brought to life through collaborations with internationally renowned designers combined with the skill of tireless artisans.

​You work mainly with resin, an unusual material for design objects. What is the origin of this intuition?

In the 90s, Gaetano Pesce was the first who had the intuition to use resin - an industrial material - to create art and design objects. Later on, Andrea Corsi refined the techniques and thoroughly studied the material, managing to successfully achieve the quality and uniqueness that distinguish Corsi Design Factory's collections.

​How is a vase by Corsi Design Factory created? What are the main processing stages?

The techniques and types of resin utilized vary depending on the piece. Molds of different shapes are used according to the type of object to create. The resin is then prepared by mixing in color pigments, and then the process proceeds with castings, extrusions, and other gestures until the purity of the sculptural process is reached, using resin as if it were clay.

​Your superb vases are original, creative, and modern. How do you continue your experimentation?

When working every day on a material that has no history, you must analyze the results, the mistakes, the odds: the spirit of observation combined with the experience helps create something magical and surprising every time.

What are your plans for the future?

Our plan is to continue designing and creating beautiful, original objects, and to collaborate with international designers and professionals who share our vision and passion.