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Exquisite Wallpapers By Fabscarte

​Fabscarte opens the doors of its Milan based studio, where a team of expert craftsmen design and hand-manufacture exquisite wallpapers, inspired by art and nature.

​Fabscarte’s exquisite wallpapers, inspired by art and nature, are designed and hand-manufactured by a team of expert craftsmen in a Milano based studio. In the workshop crowded with rolls of paper, brushes, and paints and flooded with natural light, these artisans experiment with techniques, textures, and colors to craft mural decorations that can be also customized to any environment and personal taste. We talked with Fabscarte’s creator to find out more about the secrets of these delicate and superb designs.

Tell us about your products and what makes them special.

Two things make our wallpapers special: the continuous experimentation of techniques and materials, and the fact that they are produced in an artisanal way. We manufacture our wallpapers entirely by hand, from preparation to pictorial decoration. I often consider them “thought by hand”.

Could you describe your production process?

We start from an inspiration and we think of three main aspects: material, color, and design. The material is paper, the essential support of our creations and the first element that informs our subconscious. The colors have to be transparent and applied in coats, allowing for a layered effect. The design is inspired by nature. It can be either naturalistic, or broken down and reimagined in a more abstract form.

​How did the company start?

I opened the studio in the 90s when I started specializing solely on wallpaper, after spending twenty years as an interior decorator.

Who are the most important people in your company?

Every member of our team is absolutely essential for the creation of our products.

Are there special projects or collaborations you’re particularly proud of?

I was recently awarded the Master Artisan medal “Medaglia di Maestro Arti e Mestieri” for one of my latest projects “Doppia Firma”, developed with Cologni D’Arte e Mestieri, Living, and Yoox.com, with which I have created the wallpaper “Owl Head” in collaboration with the artist Francesco Simeti. My team and I also participated in the exhibition “Stanze. Altre filosofie dell’abitare” at the 21st International Exposition of Triennale di Milano where we worked with architect and artist Duilio Forte.