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Wood Excellence by Modesign

Born in the Sixties, the Bianchini factory opened its doors in Verona, laying the foundation for a prosperous future in woodworking. Today, Modesign is a family brand, born to spread its strong heritage and traditions, and the value of Made in Italy.

Founded by Franco Bianchini in 2010, Modesign is a brand of excellence in the wooden furniture sector. The story of this family brand begins in 1968, when a young talent with a strong entrepreneurial spirit opened its first wooden factory in the province of Verona. Initially working for major brands in the design industry, Franco Bianchini decided to create their own family brand to support and spread the value of Italian craftsmanship.

Today the company collaborates with prestigious architects and designers reinterpreting Italian tradition in a thoroughly contemporary key. The strong know-how built up over the years is the key factor that makes Modesign’s pieces extraordinary examples of unmatched Italian quality, thanks to a unique approach to the material – wood – and the conviction that people are always at the heart of the design process. Meet the Bianchini’s family and discover the secrets behind wood working.

Established in 2010, Modesign has deep roots, the first Bianchini factory having opened its doors in 1968 in Verona. Tell us how the company evolved and how the new brand was born.

It all began in the 1960s when the furniture manufacturing sector was buzzing with great creative fervor. Bianchini srl's contribution to spreading the value of Made in Italy began in 1968 with the opening of its first factory in the province of Verona. At the time, the Bianchini company worked on commission for major brands in the furniture industry, supplying them with unpolished wood furniture. The beginning of a global crisis in the sector in 2008 prompted the Bianchini family to draw up a new business strategy to create its own brand and sell directly to consumers. In 2010, the company decided to take the plunge by establishing the Modesign brand. From that moment on, the company designs its models by collaborating with prestigious architects, directly following every production stage all the way up to distribution throughout Italy. It was a great challenge given the difficult historical period, a challenge that - 12 years later - has proved successful; today we reap the benefits by continuing on this path.

Modesign’s philosophy is based on reinterpreting Italian tradition in a thoroughly contemporary key. Which traditional elements did you choose to revisit, and which new ones did you incorporate?

Modesign's ability to interpret contemporary living through traditional Italian craftsmanship is at the core of our product development. It requires diligent stylistic research which, through a revisitation of the lessons passed down by great designers, allows us to develop projects capable of drawing the spaces of contemporary environments. Regarding the traditional elements, we were inspired by the minimalist forms recalling the 1940s and 1950s Art Deco style. References to the rules and styles of the past are combined with innovation and technology through materials, know-how, and quality. One can say that it is the traditional values that make Modesign's furniture one-of-a-kind and the conviction that no form arises by chance; people are always at the center of the design, and the drive to fulfill their practical and aesthetic needs.

Environmental stewardship is one of the defining tenets of your identity. How did you decide to embrace this ideal?

We strive to produce reliable furniture that is beautiful and functional, capable of retaining its characteristics, not only at the time of purchase but for years and years to come. That idea informed our decision to make every piece of furniture using natural wood, a completely recyclable material that is soothing to the touch. It is a concrete ecological commitment that also translates into the reduction of toxic substances such as dust and harmful particles in the environment and the use of the latest generation of water-based paints free of hazardous solvents. Building furniture that defies the test of time while respecting the environment is the principle that motivates Modesign, guiding our production since the very beginning. Furthermore, the company obtained the Vero Legno Certification, which distinguishes the characteristics of this material from all others and is synonymous with both authenticity and adherence to the longstanding Italian craft tradition.

Modesign's identity embodies strong family ties, with each generation following in the footsteps of the previous and remaining faithful to the values of quality and Made in Italy. What does the concept of "family business" mean to you?

Family business means working side by side with our collaborators, setting an example of dedication, and pursuing perfection as the benchmarks of the entire production process: these values have been passed down by our fathers over the years. Our company was founded in 1968 by our father Franco Bianchini, and today marks 54 years of uninterrupted activity in the wood industry. We, as sons, play different roles, each bringing their own ambitions while sharing a common goal of developing a global project - a "Modesign" house - with stylistically uniform components. Quality is an uncompromising commitment; it is our work’s north star instilled in us by our father.

Wood is your material par excellence, unique for its diverse characteristics, and a source of inspiration for your creations. In your opinion, what are the most outstanding merits of this material and the difficulties in working with it?

Wood is a raw material that has specific processing times and methods depending on the wood type. In fact, each wood has a different hardness, which determines its workability. Wood also tends to warp and “move”, and it must be dried at specific temperatures to prevent these undesirable effects. Furthermore, wood’s colors change, “maturing” over time: this characteristic should not be seen as a defect but rather a distinctive feature of wood as a “living” material. In an age of standardization and globalization, we are committed to searching for new forms and unique woods to offer a product that preserves the all-Italian flair of doing things well combined with an original design. Modesign is the synthesis of Made in Italy: our designs embody innovation, creativity, originality, and traditional craftsmanship. Owning a piece of natural wood furniture is a long-lasting guarantee of value.