About Artemest

Raw Materials

Discover our collection of fine handmade furniture and décor crafted with all-natural materials, from the most prized woods to every shade of traditional Italian marble. Promoting sustainability and circular production processes, explore our selection of natural pieces and raw components including wooden coffee tables, metal bookcases and more.

Raw materials and natural components are a staple of artisanal tradition, favoring quality elements and elaborate techniques to create unique pieces with an ancient flair. The trend has recently resurfaced in the form of natural-inspired interiors, in a desire to live in environments where all elements are as closely connected as possible, and nature feels integrated into the apartment. Rough-cut wood, use of earth colors and diffused natural light create a calming and grounded atmosphere, making the living space the most comfortable place to relax and recharge.

Explore our selection of one-of-a-kind handmade pieces with terracotta accents, cozy browns and sultry grays to infuse any room with energy and warmth: from wooden furniture, the key element for a natural and organic look, such as walnut armchairs by ​Società Vetraria Trevigiana, to fine marble stools by Mogg, up to unique seatings crafted with an ancient weaving technique by Bottega Intreccio.