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Dimora delle Balze: Mediterranean Charm

The perfect location for a magical getaway, immersed in the Mediterranean scent of Sicilian countryside, Dimora delle Balze is a nineteenth century estate in which time does not seem to have passed. Discover the ancient energy of this stunning retreat.

​Harmoniously nestled in the flourishing Mediterranean landscape, ​Dimora delle Balze is an historic dwelling situated between two of the most attractive Sicilian cities: Noto and Siracusa. Built during the nineteenth century, this ancient residence was fully restored in 2009 and today its walls, floors and ceilings still tell fascinating and ancient stories, filled with a Mediterranean scent and eager to be listened to.

All around the estate, nature captivates all the senses nourishing body and soul and making this the perfect place to find yourself. The most distinctive element of historic residences is the court and Dimora delle Balze has three of them: restored by remaining faithful to the original architecture, each of this environment maintain its ancient splendor thanks to the presence of authentic materials.

The choice of Modica stone flooring and the ancient flake walls that surround the guest in these relax areas, allow him to experiment the charm and the flavor of rural life, surrounded by the scents of nature. It is impossible not to be carried away by the story of this mansion, surrounded by classical columns, characteristic terraces, the magic sound of river Manghisi and the sublime scent of the orchard garden.

The interior is composed of many rooms, where there are authentic and suggestive Rinascimento frescoes, brought back to their original splendor. Through a preservative restoration characterized by a detailed research of unique objects, vintage and design elements, the fascination of the Mediterranean past blends harmoniously with the contemporary taste.

Inside Dimora delle Balze, the guest can experience the charm of timeless atmospheres: historic vaults, original colors and ancient porcelains of Mediterranean taste creates a homey atmosphere which you would not ever want to get rid of.

Each salon was created with its own identity and function. In the first salon, characterized by shades of green, the guest can taste the traditional Italian breakfast, prepared with the finest local ingredients and served in abundance with extreme attention to detail. The second living room is the perfect location to relax and enjoy a good book, surrounded by the calming effect of blue tones, soft velvet and the finest cotton. The third and last salon, called the game room, is characterized by shades of pink.

These spaces are characterized by a careful selection of materials and furniture: each design piece is especially created by local craftsmen to communicate a sense of belonging - an unbreakable bond with the land of Sicily – preserved inside local ceramics, raw stone and traditional décor.While living the salons you can breathe a captivating and homey atmosphere, given by the furniture essentiality that, by maintaining the originality with precious fabrics such as velvet, the smooth lines, the chandeliers, and the pastel colors, conveys a sense of serenity.

Dimora delle Balze is composed of eleven rooms, each with its own design and story to tell. The names chosen for the rooms refer to Sicilian works and artists, from cinema to art, from poetry to opera. In this way, the property wanted to pay homage to the extraordinary performers who made the name of this wonderful region great all over the world.

Crossing the threshold of these special locations, the guest can really feel the Sicilian vibes coming out of every interior detail. Handmade cementine from Morocco have been designed in different forms and Mediterranean colors especially for the rooms, vintage furniture, antiqued look mirrors and stunning original frames create a special atmosphere and make the guest travel through time. There is nothing better than relaxing in one of these rooms, pampered by the sound of nature and the scent of fresh flowers during the spring season.

​This suggestive experience is completed by the magical Lumìa restaurant which offers a real journey into the history of Sicilian culinary tradition, a return to the origins with the exclusive use of certified organic products. Tre restaurant cuisine tells the Sicilian territory through the elaboration in a contemporary key of its most typical dishes, making the products of their garden the distinctive mark of the menu proposals, guided by the search for regional identity and meticulous attention to the use of low environmental impact products.

All guests can visit the cultivated lands, to learn about the origin of the raw materials found in their dishes and every day the chef draws the products from the field to process them and serve them at the table. Dimora delle Bale is an elegant and refined location, far from the noises of everyday life, surrounded by nature, steeped in history. The vastness of the area and the magic that you breathe in it, make this wonderful Dimora the perfect place where to discover the true Mediterranean spirit.

Dimora delle Balze


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