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Discover the 5Vie District

After or before visiting L'Appartamento by Artemest, explore the 5Vie district: the very cultural stronghold in the heart of the city. A crossroad of workshops, artistic galleries and historical buildings, the Milanese neighborhood is a stage for creatives and a place of artistic ferment.

What to See

Biblioteca Ambrosiana – Always been a source of research and knowledge, the library was founded by Cardinal Federico Borromeo in 1607, as one of the first open libraries. The Ambrosiana is one of the most important libraries of the world with a collection of million printed volumes and ancient manuscripts.

Palazzo Borromeo – Located in the beautiful Piazza Borromeo, the palace is as a 13th-century building featuring a characteristic late Gothic façade. Visit the palace and the typical Milanese courtyard to discover stunning original frescoes and marble decorations.

Palazzo Litta – One of the most exquisite examples of Milanese history and classic architecture, the monumental Palazzo Litta stands out with its elegant façade facing Corso Magenta. Open to the public in occasion of Milan Design Week, is it possible to visit the majestic interiors and the vast courtyard.

Basilica di Sant’Ambrogio – One of the most ancient and important churches of the city, it is the cradle of Milanese spirituality, founded in the name of Patron Saint Ambrose. Its characteristic architecture dates back to the Roman period and is exquisitely decorated by precious golden details, mosaics and curious elements in the interiors.

La Vigna di Leonardo and Casa Atellani – Given to Leonardo as a gift by Ludovico il Moro Duke of Milan, the Vineyard is surrounded by stories and legends about the artist and his work. Atellani House is one of the most precious examples of Reinassance architecture in Milan, restored by architect Piero Portaluppi after the Second World War.

Where to Eat

Pasticceria Cucchi – Founded in 1936 under the name of “Caffè Concerto”, Pasticceria Cucchi is one of Milan’s pastry institutions and an historic shop where you can taste the authentic flavors of Italian sweets.

Trattoria Milanese – Tucked in a narrow lane in the heart of 5VIE, Trattoria Milanese carries on the city’s culinary tradition. Here you can taste one of the best Risotto alla Milanese of the city, surrounded by the characteristic atmosphere of an authentic trattoria.

BistRo Aimo e Nadia - The restaurant was born from the match between Italian gastronomic culture and love for design: Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia, an establishment reference of Italian gourmet cuisine for over 50 years, and Rossana Orlandi, one of the most influential avant-garde design gallerists.

Pasticceria Marchesi 1824 – Steeped in tradition, Pasticceria Marchesi is one of Milan's oldest and finest pastry shops. It is considered a benchmark for the quality of its fresh patisserie, its signature chocolates and its classic Milanese Panettone.

DaDa in Taverna – Nestled in the slow district of Milan, the old Taverna Moriggi is now home of DaDa in Taverna: an avant-garde restaurant inspired by the artistic movement, in a bridge between tradition and modernity, history and creativity.

Visit Artemest Artisans

Bitossi Home Boutique – Opened in the occasion of Milan Design Week 2022, the first Bitossi Home Boutique finds its place in Via Santa Marta, full of exclusive table pieces and the brand’s bright, signature ceramics.

Osanna Visconti – In the heart of 5VIE design district, Osanna Visconti is an eclectic atelier, where the designer exhibit unique artisanal creations in natural characterized by her one-of-a-kind feminine style.

Laboratorio Paravicini – From its foundation in the 90s, Laboratorio Paravicini is the place where Costanza and her daughters give life to exquisite hand-painted ceramic pieces. The workshop is hidden in a suggestive courtyard and here every year a new collection is presented in occasion of Milan Design Week.

Alberto Levi Gallery – One of the many galleries that populate the district, Alberto Levi Gallery stands out for the stunning selection of antique and contemporary rugs as works of art. Situated in the historic center of Milan, the gallery has been a landmark for design enthusiast for over 25 years.

Sotow - A colorful atelier in Via Santa Marta, Sotow represents Calcagni’s passion for design. His collaboration with expert artisans and craftsmen, and the use of innovative technologies alongside traditional methods are the secret of the success of this Milanese atelier.

Arjumand's World - Inside Arjumand's World shop you can find unique home décor inspired by Ottoman traditions. Fabrics, wallpapers and ceramics are the main character of the boutique, where you can feel the atmosphere of distant worlds.

Milan Design Week 2023



For Milan Design Week 2023, Artemest presents L’Appartamento: an elegant 1930s Milanese apartment curated by six prestigious international interior design firms. Each studio will design a room using Artemest exclusive creations, celebrating Italian craftsmanship and design.